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The coronavirus pandemic has shaken the economies of most nations and has adversely impacted multiple sectors of the economy. However, the housing industry remains operational even as demand for housing remains active. This is a testament to the Return on investment obtainable in the industry. This is a new year and the pandemic has transformed a lot of industries and their operations. If you are a prospective investor the following investment tips would be helpful in guiding your activities in the industry especially to ensure profitable returns on your investment.  These strategies could also be harnessed by current investors to enhance their profitability through the course of the year. 



Smart Investment Tips for Real Estate Investors

This seems pretty basic but it is a priceless strategy that could save you from financial loss. It is also a strategy that you should keep close to you throughout your career in the real estate industry. The need for research stems from the fact that you may need to occasionally forecast the industry to ascertain profitable ventures to invest in. Research will help you know when to invest and when to hold your money for a while till the market is ripe for investment.

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT)

As a beginner, one of the things you should try to do is join a real estate investment trust. Real estate investment trust refers to companies that purchase and manages properties with the aim of generating profits. By buying shares in these companies, you are primed to earn your first income in real estate without much sweat. The side attraction of this type of investment is that it is less risky and it increases your chances of starting out your real estate investing with a profit rather than a loss. This will give you the leverage to take time to explore the industry in-depth before you making personal transactions without the involvement of a third party. 

Rental Properties in Emerging Neighborhoods

Investing in rental properties is a good investment tip for real estate. Apparently, there will be more people renting than actually buying a house. Work demands as well might warrant regular demand for rental properties annually. It is therefore a logical investment prospect for a budding real estate investor. That’s one part of the deal, the other part is that you identify emerging neighborhoods and invest in them. In this case, "emerging" simply refers to neighborhoods with a growing population with room for expansion. It could be an area with few apartments but with room for expansion and growth potential. Depending on the budget at hand, you could go build apartments that will be leased out monthly or annually which could guarantee residual income. It is imperative to clarify that for a neighborhood to qualify for such investment, the prospective investor should seek to ascertain the growth potential inherent in that neighborhood. For instance, questions such as how soon will the neighbourhood develop, what are the employment opportunities available should be clarified by the interested investor before making a splash in the market. 

Buy and Hold

This may not necessarily be a new strategy but it is worth implementing. Just as the name implies, this strategy entails purchasing a property and holding off on it for a period of time before selling it off for considerable profits. In the interim, you could rent it out so it does not lay dormant. Additionally, the income from the rental could help upset the mortgage that was taken out on the property. 

House Flipping

This strategy involves seeking out old or dilapidated buildings, renovating them, and selling them off for an amount that caters for the renovation costs and as well as extra profits for your efforts. However, it is advisable that you implement this strategy in an environment where there is a potential for growth. This implies that you do due diligence before splashing out on an old building to avoid incurring a loss on your investment.


In the year 2021, it is advisable to work with a plan or strategy to guide your real estate investments and the ideas above will help increase your chances of having a profitable adventure in the real estate industry. As a new investor, after making your first property purchase, it is imperative to secure the property with the right locks. A range of home security measures and gadgets can help secure the property. Expert service like Brinks home security can also help conduct an assessment of the property to ascertain the best locks that will be suitable for it.  

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