Atlanta Buckhead Midtown - Land Acquisitions Larry Story Presentation

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Atlanta Buckhead Midtown - Land Acquisitions
Larry Story Presentation



Larry Story from North Carolina led Zoom attendees on an adventure during his presentation this week. Travel commenced in farm land continued to timber land and to his discovery of the stream a Client wanted to hear at night and tracts of land for sub-divisions.


He explained many situations. If there are crops on land - what obligation does the Buyer have to the farmer? How should one work towards Zoning changes so Buyer can pursue goals? What about sanitation - public or septic? How does one assure the Buyer of water service?


Start with the need to really know one's Listing. Larry explained that he spent many, many hours researching each tract to be sure what constraints would be applied to the use of the land. For land, Listings must be longer than the typical Residential 90 days duration. His Listings include maps and photos of different areas of the land. He suggested that when Residential agents list land, they need to do more than just take a photo from the car window. 

Now the stream he located...

The Client wanted to go to sleep listening to the soothing sound of water. He explored a tract of land and although delighted to have found a stream, it was in the far corner of the land, virtually inaccessible. Not having any power equipment but knowing he had to have a way for the Client to see the spot, he personally cleared a path or trail to the spot. When the Client arrived with an ATV in the back of the pickup, off they went down his "road" to see the stream. Verbal offer the minute it was in view. He knew that his presentation was critical and he cleared the way - LITERALLY - for that first view. Quite an accomplishment for Larry!


 The situation with crops...

In North Carolina, the general practice is to compensate the farmer for his crop. Larry stated that sometimes people went to court over the issue but that the judges leaned heavily in favor of the farmers.


Sanitation concerns...

Fascinating details here --- how many homes per acre, how many allowed on public sewer, who pays for the installation of service if not adjacent or possibly a mile or more away, how do builders account for expense in their estimates, and, what if there are no public services available for that land?


Timber cutting...   

The depth of Larry Story's knowledge and experience showed throughout his talk but when discussing the ramifications of timber harvesting, he truly excelled. So many details! so much common sense needed. How to access the land. Cost of harvesting and cost of clean-up... He stated that the cost of cleaning up after harvest could exceed the value of the trees! 


Each week the AR Zoom Meet-Up provides in-depth information from different members. Really worth the time to attend. Look at George Souto post about the topic and for the link to attend - usually there by Sunday!

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George Souto
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Ron Barnes you picked an excellent blog to re-blog.  Lynn did a fantastic job on recapping this past Tuesday's Weekly ActiveRain ZOOM Meeting.

Jun 10, 2021 04:55 PM