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Community and Real Estate Information

Mountain House is a lovely planned neighborhood in San Joaquin County, California, about northwest of Tracy. The community is bordered on the north by Byron Road, the east by Mountain House Parkway, the south by Robert Monagan Freeway, and the west by Great Valley Parkway. The development for this community began in 1994, but the project is expected to be completed in the early twenty-first century, after a 20-year development phase. As a result, a well-planned community has been created for working professionals searching for a new home in the area. Residential dwellings, parks, schools, and commercial areas are among the first proposals for this 4,784-acre plot of land. In 2010, families began to purchase houses in Mountain House, creating considerable prospects for both resale and new construction buyers.


Traditional style homes are available for purchase in Mountain House. The blend of wood, brick, and stones creates an intriguing facade that contributes to the community's overall curb appeal. The building is designed to provide a comfortable living environment, with plenty of room numbers and open floor plans. Streets are widening and becoming more accessible, with well-kept green areas and trees planted beside them. These houses' lawns are meticulously manicured, making them more appealing to both visitors and inhabitants. Three to five bedrooms and two to five baths are available in various home styles. Lot sizes range from 1,800 to 3,800 square feet. Property homes in this neighborhood range in price from $500,000 to $1.2 million. When you move into Mountain House, you will be surrounded by grandeur and elegance amid the comforts of your new community.


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Business Opportunities 

Mountain House's proximity to the Tracy train makes it excellent for commuting residents. The neighborhood's special amenities engage residents in a variety of activities that the entire family may enjoy. Because the homes in this community are brand new, most buyers will be the first to live in them.


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Important Considerations

Although there are several primary schools in the Mountain House neighborhood, there are no middle schools. There aren't many commercial areas in the property, so you'll have to go to Tracy's larger shopping complexes. However, you may do your daily grocery shopping at the local farmer's market, which is conveniently located near Central Park.


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Tracy, CA Market Report:

Households: 4,732
Median Listing Home Price: $859,920
Median Listing Home Price Per Sqft: $328
Median Rent: $2,547
Average Days on Market: 39
Home Ownership Percentage: 75.70%

Tracy, CA Community Report:

Population: 17,966
Average Household Income: $152,610
Median Age: 33.1
Associate's Degree or Higher: 31.78%
Elderly Percentage: 8.15%
Cost of Living Score: 163


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