Newest Pool Styles In California

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Investing in a pool is a magnificent choice to boost the value of your home and add significant aesthetic improvements. Hiring a pool contractor to design and install your pool is the best idea. Firstly, you should ensure that you have the correct inspiration in mind for the pool you want. California is the home of style. Therefore, a custom pool builder in Chino Valley are the best option for your property. Not only can you pick a style that resonates with you, but you can also entrust them to do the job properly and securely. If you want to be inspired by the newest pool styles in California, we will talk through some of the designs on offer for your backyard. 


Infinity pools 

The infinity pool is distinguished from a traditional pool by the fact that it has no margin and it lets the water overflow in a chute or a pool below. This second pool, called buffer tank, must represent 10% of the total area of the pool. There are two types of infinity pools: those with partial infinity (on one or two sides only) or those with total infinity.  It is an elegant addition to any home. A custom pool builder can discuss the best way forward for making this a reality for you.


Tiled pools 

A well-maintained tile can last up to 50 years. They can look stylish. The different types of tiles, including sandstone, ceramics, and mosaics, are all possibilities to beautify its basin whatever the budget. Porcelain stoneware imitates stone and looks delightful. It is best to tile the stairs of the pool with a non-slip tile for added safety. Each tile influences the personality of the basin it dresses. The color and shades of the tiles, the size of the tiles are all elements that contribute to creating an atmosphere in and around the pool. These types of pools can be in keeping with many types of backyards, including Spanish and clean modern aesthetics. 


Natural pools 

The natural or organic pool does not use chemicals or filtration systems to clean and purify its water. Therefore, it does not require much maintenance. This type of pool is not sterilized as a conventional pool and microorganisms develop there. In a biological pool, water is purified naturally in the lagoon area by aquatic plants, more precisely by their roots and microorganisms. Healthy water is transformed by bacteria in such a way that it becomes food for the plants present in the lagoon area of the natural or biological pool. For the aesthetic aspect, you can add water lilies, lotuses, or papyri; the same good purifying plants of natural basins.


Spa pools 

A spa pool is a pool that combines swimming with relaxation. Spa pools refer to smaller pools that may be heated or jetted pools that are built into the ground resembling a jacuzzi. These custom backyard pools can be incorporated into larger pools if needed and add spectacular value to the home.



Additional Pool Design Features

You can also landscape and install other features around your new swimming pool. For example, fire pits, grills, or in-built seating are popular additions to a poolside space.

Have something custom designed and built, or go with a pre-built option like the Sunjoy outdoor fireplace. Having extra features around your outdoor area can increase your property's value and make it more attractive to buyers when it comes time to sell. In the meantime, you can cook outside and enjoy the warmth and light that is created by outdoor fireplaces.

The other benefit is that your home might become the new hub for your friends and family. The combination of a pool and outdoor fireplace and grill can be irresistible. Consider speaking to your pool design expert about additional features to add to your outdoor area to make it truly pop.

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