Understanding the IRS LT11 Notice.

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I represent taxpayers in the greater Saint Louis area as well through out the state of Missouri who have unfiled tax returns and unreolved tax issues. Since Covis19 the IRS has had a very low profile regarding enforcment of deliquent taxes being paid as well as getting people to start filing there returns. 

There are over an astounding 25 million people in the IRS collection inventory and it was just annouced that starting June 15 enforcement letters will begin to be sent out as a begining salvo to get things back on track for the IRS to get back in the collection business.

So what does that mean for tax payers? It's time to get busy. As the title above indicates letter 11 this is a reminder that you owe money and the IRS would like to be paid. 

What's next? Pay your unpaid balance. When you do penalties and interest will stop.

What happens if you don't respond? A wage levy could visit your wages or bank accounts. The IRS also could file a Notice of Federal Tax lien. If you don't know what that meand it's a public notice to your creditors that the goverment has a right to your interestes incurrent assests and any assets you might own.

What else? Thinking about do some traveling after Covid 19?. Your passport could be revoked or the State Department could deny your request for a passport. I personally have been invovled in a half a dozen of the passport delimmas and they are very difficult to get resolved.

The option to appeal may be available depending on your history with the IRS. There are certain guidelines associated with this.

If you or someone you know in St. Louis or anywhere are having IRS past due tax returns or being threatend with a tax levy or lien please feel free to have them contact me at steveshapiroea@ gmail.com or call at 636-397-2759 or text at 636-866-4554.

Enrolled agents are federal tax practioners and are licensed by the Treasury Department.


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