She Turned a Closed Hotel into an Apartment Community / Join her Wed June 16. at 7 PM EDT on How To

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Bay area multi-family real estate investor Becca

Hintergardt gives insight into hotel to apartment

conversions tomorrow.


Interesting topic and unique niche for real estate investors

or anyone else who is curious.


Do what's best for you and your

NOW and sign up today for Becca's presentation



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She Turned a Closed Hotel into an Apartment Community / Join her  Wed June 16. at 7 PM EDT on How To
Title: They Turned a Closed Hotel into an Apartment Community.
Join us Wednesday, June 16. at 7 PM EDT for another Commercial Real Estate Investing Mastermind. 
Becca Hintergardt started out like most investors, investing in the single-family house game. Until one day this idea of wanting more popped into her head and the quest began. 
Becca Hintergardt network and learn from others who had gone down the multifamily apartment investing road before. She put herself out there and got in with the right network of people and it happened. 
Becca Hintergardt will explain all the details of how she and her team closed on their first multifamily apartment syndication in 2021, during the pandemic! 
She is going to share how they chose the "hotel" to convert into multifamily, the history of the name and so much more. So please join us for this exciting event that will sure to be a Top 10 episode. 
When: Wednesday, June 16, 2021
What Time: 7:00 PM Eastern Time
Register here to save your spot. 
These Zoom Masterminds are held Bi-weekly, so to see a schedule and to register for this and upcoming events please visit: 


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Our Mission, Passion & Purpose...

Being acquainted with a nationally known consumer advocate in Atlanta I have been inspired after witnessing his great purpose and passion in action with the legacy of helping untold multitudes. It became my mission to incorporate advocacy into my passion of real estate.

My mission begins with this seed and with this seed begins the birth of X Group Real Estate Advocates in association with Realty ONE Group.  

The real estate consumer deserves better!                                                                                         

Performance guarantee for your peace of mind! 



Seller's Advocacy, Default Advocacy & Buyer's Advocacy

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Important:If you're visiting any new home community or open house there is NO need to give personal information to someone who is not working on your behalf. At least tell them you're working with an agent and just want to look. 

Remember to not say much, anything you say can be used for their benefit NOT yours.




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