Being helpful pays off in more work

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When people call and want services that I cannot provide, I always try to help them if I can.

Examples    *Someone wants me to notarize a copy of their birth certificate. I explain that notarized are not permitted to do that. Then I give them tips on how to get another birth certificate from the government agency in their county of birth.

*Someone wants me to draw up their Will or Power of Attorney as well as notarize it. I tell them I am happy to notarize their papers for them but I am not permitted to draw the documents. I then tell them about a terrific local paralegal plus the name of a stationery store where they can buy preprinted forms that are compliant with our state's regulations.

Most people are unfamiliar with government and legal resources and are grateful for the help. They remember kindness.

My experience is that they not only call me whenever they need a notary but they also tell their friends and colleagues.

I post lots of information about resources on my website including the URLs of government agencies offering free legal forms to print and complete. Many clients tell me they love my website because it is helpful. They also say the large amount of info on my site assures them that I have a deep understanding of notary regulations and practices. My website helps them decide I am the notary they want.



Ronald Gillis
Southwest Florida Notaries (Mortgage Notary Signing Agent) - Port Charlotte, FL
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People like doing business with people they like. If you do something for then, they appreciate it and LIKE you, so as you said - more business!!  Have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend!!


Jul 03, 2008 03:24 AM