The Best Living Room Furniture Arrangement Solutions and Pictures

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If you think that refurbishment of your house is the most complicated and exhausting thing you’ve ever faced, it means you haven’t started the furniture arrangement yet. Finding the proper place for a sofa, a TV set, a coffee table, table lamps, or cute decor items is able to drive you crazy. The following information helps you to furnish your living room in the best way without great effort.

The first thing you should realize is that the room should be harmoniously combined with the rest of the dwelling. If it is much different from other spaces, it will get annoying sooner or later. Moreover, you should prefer function to form. Of course, a round sofa may become an awesome focal point of your living room. Yet, you and your family members are unlikely to spend lots of time on such a sofa. If you are going to work in your living room, proper zoning is a must.    

The Winning Ideas for Your Living Room 

It is not said in vain that it’s better to see once than to hear one hundred times. Below you find awesome ideas on how to rearrange the furniture in your living room. There are copious ideas for both large and tiny spaces. Pick up the variant you like the most and make your living room as comfortable as possible.


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This variant of furniture arrangement is a perfect solution for those who are not fond of small details. There are three major accents - an ample soft sofa, an intriguing bar counter, and a round table with twisted legs. The modern chandelier grabs your attention, too. Although the greater part of items comes in relaxing beige color, the picture on the wall impresses with the brightest colors. There is no need for extra pictures or photos. A soft carpet makes the atmosphere more cushioned.         


This living room looks so solid not only because of the use of brown color. Three sofas and a rather large table are a good solution only for apartments over 100 square meters. A modern bookcase is stylish and takes little space.   


It’s a perfect example of wise living room zoning. There are three main zones - a sofa and a dining table at the French window. There is no coffee table that is useless while the living room borders the kitchen.  


If you think that it’s almost impossible to find a modern living -room with a piano or grand piano, you are wrong. It’s also a big mistake to think that this element of the interior is able to make your living room look outdated or old-fashioned. Just place a piano in front of French windows, add a sofa, and a couple of bizarre armchairs - and you will be surprised with the result. Yet, the piano should be the major accent of the furniture arrangement.     



It’s a living room that is familiar to a greater part of typical families. A TV set is a focal point of the interior.  The sofa is placed in order to watch my favorite series in comfort. A round table is a good choice for storing household items.   


The loft is a cool solution for a living room. Place an unusual sofa at the wall, add a bizarre coffee table, decorate the room with several trinkets - and the perfect zone for relaxation is ready.

Light colors are amazing. Pick up a light grey sofa, snow-white table and TV unit, hang a black-and-white picture on the wall, and your living room is gorgeous. The floor lamp of an unusual shape makes the room look even more modern.  A simple stand for magazines allows you to get rid of the mess on the table.

It’s an awesome and stunning living room that attracts attention thanks to the clever furniture arrangement. It’s better to place elements far from each other to extend space.

Add bright colors into your life with a yellow-wall living room! It’s better to use furniture of neutral shades. It’s not obligatory to place as many elements as possible - a cozy sofa, attractive armchair, and a round table is everything you need to feel comfortable.

Even if your living room is just a corner in your apartment, the proper furniture arrangement is still able to make it look fantastic. Place a cute sofa at one wall, a functional Tv unit - at another one, add tiny tables for your nice trinkets, and voila - a charming dwelling is ready!

If you are a lucky owner of a spacious apartment, this variant of living room furniture arrangement is an ideal solution. While the piano is a focal point of the interior, you should not use too many decorations. The comfortable sofa, modern table, and cutting-edge fireplace look fanciful.

If you are a real bookworm or just fond of reading, you are definitely familiar with the problem of where to place books. It’s not always possible to make room for a bookcase. Then, it’s a really cool idea to hang shelves on the whole wall. Built-in floor-to-ceiling bookshelves do not only save space. They allow you to place a couple of cozy armchairs and create an awesome reading corner.

To sum it up, it should be highlighted that the proper living room furniture arrangement is an essential step in creating a convenient and functional interior in your dwelling no matter how large and spacious it is.        

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