10 Money Saving Tips On Your Move to Phoenix AZ Metro

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If you are one of the 6,000 people moving to the Phoenix metro in Maricopa County each month (US Census) here are some move saving tips. Welcome to you Californians to the Grand Canyon State where 50% of the new arrivals are coming from! Because of the new arrivals house prices are increasing faster than anywhere in the US at a pace of 2% per month over the past 12 months based on median prices. Photo Uhaul- Joe Gerlach (Flickr)


Although, even though Phoenix median prices are less than California they are still higher than a year ago. So, if you are moving and spending more on a house you will want to save on the moving costs.

Move to Arizona

Save money on your family move with these tips as you prepare for your move to Arizona or anywhere else.


From selling your current home to settling into a new one, moving is a stressful, time-consuming, and costly process. Many people try to save money on their moves by invoking the help of friends and family, or simply trying to handle the packing and relocation of their belongings by themselves. However, regardless of your chosen moving method, the following tips will help you cut your moving costs so you can arrive at your new home with your budget—and, hopefully, all of your possessions—intact.


10 Tips to Save Money when  Moving to Phoenix Metro in Arizona


  • 1. Carefully consider your options for hiring a moving company. Don’t assume that renting a truck and moving yourself will necessarily be less expensive than hiring professional movers. Instead, procure quotes from at least three companies and determine whether you can negotiate their prices. Many moving companies are more flexible with their rates during the middle of the week or month, as well as during slower seasons like fall and winter. However, be sure to ask the companies about any hidden fees, such as those for fuel.
  • 2. If you decide to use a moving company, pack your belongings and disassemble furniture yourself. Most movers charge extra for these steps.
  • 3. Consider using portable storage units or PODS. This option offers the convenience of having professionals safely transport your possessions—at a rate that is typically far less than that of traditional moving companies. However, you are responsible for packing the unit before it is picked up by the company and unpacking it upon arrival at the destination.
  • 4. If you choose to rent a truck and move yourself, seek out additional opportunities for savings. For example, ask your realtor if their agency has any arrangements with truck rental services that would offer you a discount. Some agencies even have their own vehicles that clients may use at no charge for short-distance moves. Alternatively, if you will need to put some of your belongings in storage, ask the storage company if it offers discounted moving truck rental as part of a package deal.
  • 5. Avoid buying boxes. As you pack your belongings, remember that there are numerous sources for free boxes. Ask friends and family if they have any to spare, bring some home from your workplace, or visit a liquor store to see if they are willing to share their extra boxes. Some services also allow you to rent boxes or moving crates and return them after you settle into your new home—offering a more environmentally friendly option. Moving boxes are also available for Free on Craigslist and other neighborhood websites like "NextDoor" where neighbors help neighbors.
  • 6. Use blankets, towels, and other items you already have on hand to pack fragile belongings. Coffee filters, which are soft and inexpensive, also make great packing materials for breakable items. Using these materials will help you save money on pricey bubble wrap. However, be careful when unpacking so that you do not hastily unravel a towel or sheet containing something fragile.
  • 7. Pare down your belongings before your move. Don't tell yourself that you will make the decisions after you move. Some companies base their prices on the weight of the load being transported, so eliminating things you no longer need will help you to lower moving expenses. Even if you are transporting your items by yourself, you will save time and effort by having less. Additionally, selling your unwanted belongings or donating them and claiming a charitable tax deduction could yield an infusion of cash as you move to your new home.
  • 8. Interim Move to a Rental: Summer rents tend to be lower in Arizona as the winter visitors have not yet arrived. To negotiate the best rental price try to have the shortest move in time possible. Landlords do not want to have their homes sit empy with no rent coming in waiting for a Renter to arrive in town. Of course, this is difficult if you are the type that likes to plan ahead. You may pay for that privilege though as a Landlord may wait two weeks, but not 30+ days.
  • 9. Home Buyer Free Grants ask me or check here for free home buyer free grant programs and zero or down payment options in Arizona
  • 10. Avoid interim living costs all together- time your move out and move in dates the best you can, if you can't see if Mom or Dad, or relatives can put you up for a while in exchange for love, chores or pizza!

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