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Pay attention! Please. If it is too hot for you

This works because I tested it last summer.

May or may not work for you until you practice it

A few times. Because­, it requires, commitment, and focus

During this past week, there were more than a dozen.

people mentioning to me how hot it is, here in the desert.

My thinking was, well it is not any hotter to you than

it is for the person standing on the street with a sign.

This is a simple process. Do NOT look at a thermometer.

to see what the temperature is. Do not listen to the TV,

Radio, phone, or any other device that gives you the temperature.

Do not listen to anyone talking about the weather. If necessary

Just walk away from them If that feels uncomfortable for you.

Excuse yourself from them, (haha) even if it is to say I have.

Diarrhea got to go! Well, you can come up with something,

more appropriate, but I am telling you this does work! The

more you practice it becomes real to you. Then

look say three hours later or at the end of the day, and you

will see it IS or WAS around eight degrees hotter than

You thought it was.

By the way, this works in Ohio when it is 96 degrees and 98

Percent humidity. Or heat in Phoenix is a DRY HEAT.

Welcome to summer folks!




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