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What is in, our pillows and bed mattress, we sleep on?
Did you know the human body loses over 1 million skin cells a day? Did you know that the human body, sheds its skin? Many spend some one third of there life sleeping but, what many people do not know, is that the dead skin they shed, goes some where. Where do you think or believe it goes? Our dead skin from our body is food for roaches, spiders, mites and more. Did you know that the human body produces over 10 to 12 pounds of dead skin per year? Can you imagine, all that dead skin, making its wa, down into the mattress and making the mattress, heavier and heavier, with each passing day and each passing year? Just think of the feast made available to these kind of insects. Also, think of bed bugs and bacteria that our body creates. Now, think of the waste, being created by the bed bugs, or mites or roaches and more, that the insects create. The waste from there body is not healthy either. This knowledge came from a friend of mine with Control Environmental out of Fort Collins, Colorado. Keep fabric softeners out of the washing machine because some times this can trigger an asthma attack, if you have an asthma issue. Also, keep humidifiers out of the bedroom. Humidifiers produce moisture for the air. Humidifiers will load up your bed with moisture and we do not want this for health reasons.
Now, lets think about all the moisture the bed and linens and pillow cases absorb. Think Mold. Think of urine and sweat that the body produces and where do you think it goes? Thats right! Your bed linens and bed. The bed linens absorb some of our fluids but not all of them. Think of all the body fluids, the body produces.I want go into details but I will let your imagination run wild. So, I recommend changing your bed linens, at least weekly and I recommend changing your mattress, at least every 5 to 10 years. Our bed accumlates so much dead skin that our bed becomes, heavier with age. Not only from the dead skin but also the waste from the insects that dine on our dead skin. I had a futton mattress that was so easy to move and that was so light weight. 15 years later, it weighed over 100 pounds from all the dead skin, that accumulated on it and so I threw the futton mattress away. It was absolutely to heavy to move and more and after I did research on what was in our bed or futton mattress, I decided it was time to dump the futton mattress.
I also reccommend a mattress cover to protect your bed and to absorb any bodily fluids that might leak or spill over on the mattress pad. If someone is prone to wetting the bed, please make sure that you have an extra heavy duty mattress cover and pad to absorb the bodily fluids that are released. Change your sheets and pillow cases on a weekly basis. Also, wash your pillows at least every six months to a year or just buy a new pillow every six months to a year. I am also a believer in using two pillow cases per pillow to absorb not only drool but sweat, that occurs. Vaccuum your bedding with a HEPA vaccuum cleaner, at least yearly. Also, turn your mattress every six months to a year, so you do not wear our the mattress. Mattresses need to be turned so they last longer. No one likes a sagging or bed that has a dip in it.
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*article by David Snell
Some information provided by Jim Parkard, Fort Collins, Colorado with Control Environmental.

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