Who, Do You Think I Ran Into, Today?

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Who do you think I ran into today?  Oh, my goodness!


Today, can you guess, who I ran into, while performing Air Sampling and testing in a Mint Hill Home?  If you guessed, Mr. Rabbit, you would have guessed correctly.  If you guessed, Hugh Hefner, I am sorry  That answer, would be incorrect. Let me tell you, what happened.  I was opening up a door to an upstairs room and I was startled by this big rabbit!  I about jumped out of my skin.  Mr. Rabbit, was dressed to impress and he put me to shame.  He was all decked out, to say the least.  I have seen a lot of things in my time as a Home Mold Inspector, who scans homes for wall and ceiling moisture issues and air sampling,  to name a few things.  Mr. Rabbit, made my day today and I promised him that I would be back again, if the client invited me to do so.  


Running into Mr. Rabbit, was quite interesting, that I just had to take a photo of him, to remember him by.  While at the home, the home owner had a number of things, that were very interesting.  One of the items, she had was a 1955 Harley Davidson motorcycle.  It was just beautiful. She is putting it up for sale and I told her I would put the motorcycle up in various groups I have created on Face Book and Linked In.  You guys know by now, how social I like being.  Smiles.


The more homes that I go into and inspect, I take the time to get to know the  homes that the client has been so kind to trust me in and invite me into.  I treat each and every inspection,  as a time to get to know my client and make it about the relationship and realize,  I am in there home, by request and because people want to know what is going on with there indoor air quality or moisture issues or just because they want to see, what there air quality is like.  By the way, I have never seen a home, that could not be corrected.  I see a lot of homes and the opportunity to be there has created so many relationships and friend ships.  I am in homes because typically, people have had a Water Damage Issue and want to know what is going on. Others just want to have or get peace of mind with having indoor air quality sampling and testing performed.  Today, I met Mr. Rabbit and Mr. Rabbit was absolutely speechless in meeting me.  As you might know by now, I am not speechless and I can certainly be a conversationalist and just love listeing and communicating with others. 


All my clients are important to me and I take the time to not only get to know there home but get to know my client and there needs and what he or she expects out of me.  I am in homes, because I want to be there and I am one of the most passionate people I know who offers my service in Charlotte North Carolina.  Every day is a new experience and a new journey and I love meeting people.


Mr. Rabbit and I would like to say good night or should I say good moring to  to all, because it is four a.m. 4:09. 


Good moring to some, good night to others,

David Snell.








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Ed (Edward) Silva, 203-206-0754
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That would have been quite a start to open a door and see that rabbit waiting for you.

Jun 25, 2021 05:14 AM
David Snell 704.545.0098

It was a surprise to say the least Ed.


Jun 25, 2021 04:59 PM
Michael Jacobs
Pasadena, CA
Los Angeles Pasadena 818.516.4393

Hello David - that I would be a startling find.  Your bigger point about client connection is not "lost" in this post.  

Jun 25, 2021 06:45 AM
David Snell 704.545.0098

Ed, you make a very valid point with the client connection.

Thank you.


Jun 25, 2021 05:00 PM