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Property Staging Consultants is a professional organization specializing in the training of real estate professionals and other interested individuals in the art of "Home Staging." Graduates of PSC® courses will be issued a certificate as a Property Staging Consultant®, and this official PSC® designation will provide added credibility with clients.

What is your perception of staging? Professionally trained home stagers know that they are dealing with a client's needs to prepare a given property to appeal to the market conditions here and now. During our many years of staging homes nationwide, and training others to stage properties for faster sales and maximum return, PSC® has refined the true meaning of staging - and it is much more than simply addressing the concept of initial or "surface" appeal. PSC® training programs will give students in-depth instruction in the first Four Key Elements of home staging that must precede the Fifth Key Element, in which the appeal or actual "staging" of the home is achieved.

Wouldn't buyers and Agents like to get to the closing table without any negotiation? That is the job of a qualified Property Staging Consultant®. And it's a job that cannot be learned without the combination of classroom instruction and "hands on experience" offered by PSC®. Would you want a surgeon to operate on you if he or she had never seen and consulted with you? It's the same with effective property staging -- understanding and being involved in the complete process is critical to how you achieve optimum results for yourself and your clients.

PSC® Corporate Mission:

The mission of Property Staging Consultants® is to provide the most effective, comprehensive home staging training available in the market today. This training is achieved through a nationwide program of courses offering a proven combination of detailed classroom instruction and hands-on, in-the-field property staging exercises, all drawing on state-of-the-art methods and the latest statistical and marketing trends. An integral part of the overall mission is PSC®'s commitment to helping every student, as well as each PSC® employee, reach their full creative and business potential. The corporate mission is augmented for graduates of both our PIC® and PSC® programs by an extensive support system offering additional resources for on-going career enhancement and increased profit opportunities. The overall result is a professionally trained graduate equipped with the confidence, know-how and drive they require to succeed as they join their peers in the home staging and real estate industries.

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