Why the PIC and PSC Courses = Proven Success in Property Staging!

Real Estate Agent with Property Staging Consultants & Keller Williams


  • We offer two totally separate courses tailored to your individual goals and educational needs.
  • All of our Trainers are fully licensed in both real estate and property staging. This allows us to give you both the staging know-how and the basic real estate knowledge you need to get your business off to a running start.
  • We place great emphasis on Trainer-Student interaction at every step of the training, always focusing on the end result of preparing you for a successful staging career.
  • The PSC courses equip you with all the knowledge and resources you need for a "Turn Key Business Startup." Our curriculum is unrivalled at providing students with a solid foundation to build a profitable business.
  • PSC stresses a teamwork ethic throughout the process to maximize value to the home owner. This means we educate based on identifying priority issues that require the attention of both the Real Estate Professional and the Staging Professional involved in the sale. By working together, we optimize the owner's return on investment.
  • PSC provides students with in-depth preliminary property analysis skills that instruct you on how to identify issues and prepare the property before the actual "hands-on" Staging begins.
  • PSC sets the industry standard for affordable, results-oriented Property Staging, producing proven, real-world benefits for everyone involved. Even in today's challenging market, we are moving 95% of our properties within three to 14 days. Bottom line: we help home owners sell their property faster for more money. These are results you - and your clients - can take to the bank!

"Everyone at PSC is fully invested in our students' ultimate professional and personal satisfaction. We only consider ourselves successful when our students have reached their desired level of success!" -- Jackie Riggins

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