How A Real Estate Agency Can Grow Using Digital Marketing

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Real estate is booming in states like Florida with listings going at or above the asking price within a day. Growing your real estate agency during this time will be immensely beneficial. Getting a team of great agents together is always the best course of action. Without the right digital marketing approach, there might not be too many listings that your agency is responsible for. Agencies differ in the type of listings that they deal with some specializing in luxury homes while others take on any home. Digital marketing can be a full-time job in itself so it is important that agents manage their own social media and there is an in-house marketing team or digital marketing agency helping. The following are tips to allow your website and digital marketing to grow your real estate agency. 

The Website Should Showcase Listings and Top Agents

Web design is very important when it comes to a real estate agency. There will be a multitude of media that can slow down page loading times which leads to visitors clicking off of the site. You want to show listings that your agents have as many people flock to a website when searching for homes. Having your listings immediately put on websites like Zillow is also imperative. Partnering with a lender that works on leads from a homebuying website can be wise. This will make sure that the potential buyers you are working with will be approved for a loan. 

Educate Potential Clients 

The website can be a great place to educate potential clients. Even having weekly live question and answer sessions on social media can prove useful. Make sure that agents are posting daily on social media and tagging their previous clients (with their permission of course). Most clients will not have any issue doing this if the agent when above and beyond during this process. Educated clients are easier to deal with but there are also those that want their agent to handle everything then have wild questions later. The website's blog section is not the only place where written content can be used to educate clients. Real estate publications are also important as are local publications. Building links on these websites through quality content can drive leads and improve search engine rankings.

Host Virtual Tours On The Website

A virtual tour is a way that a number of people purchased homes during the pandemic. Hosting these on the website for all of your listings can be important. More people are buying homes from across the country without seeing them in person. Working with a top professional that does virtual tours and photography is always important. These tours are even more important for luxury homes as photos simply might not do a large estate any justice. 


Digital marketing is here to stay as traditional marketing methods are waning in terms of ROI. The beauty of digital marketing is that data can help you track the money being spent very closely so tactics can be modified. 


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