9 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Second Home in Sarasota Florida

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Are you looking for a new place to purchase a second home? Sarasota, Florida, and Sarasota real estate, can be the ideal place you are looking for.

Families love Sarasota due to its beautiful weather conditions throughout the year, and its stunning scenery. The city also offers several art and culture-related opportunities to its residents. Here are the most common reasons why people are buying a second home in Sarasota, Florida...


Home to Several Beautiful Beaches

Sarasota is renowned for its white sandy beaches. They give breathtaking views and have their own distinctive personalities. One of its popular beaches, Siesta Key Beach, has been ranked as the number one beach in the United States, and number eleven in the world.

Gulf waters offer a beautiful view, and are warm enough to allow people to enjoy different water sports, and even enjoy a swim.


Marine Life

A variety of marine life exists in Sarasota. Dolphins and manatees are commonly seen. Therefore, if you love nature, then Sarasota is the place where you should buy a second home.


Perfect Weather Throughout the Year

Unlike other popular areas in the US, Sarasota's winters are not harsh and snowy, which allows you to enjoy great weather throughout the year. The average high temperature in Sarasota is 82.8° F, while the average low temperature being an impressive 62° F.


Good Quality Healthcare Options

There are several private and local hospitals in Sarasota. Its health care system is well regarded, so this will ensure you are well looked after if you have any health concerns.


A Wide Range of Dining Options

Sarasota is one of America’s top tourist destinations. Therefore, you can find every type of cuisine in the city. No matter what your taste is, its wide range of dining options will never disappoint you.


Suitable for Families

Most of the beach areas in Florida are known as party cities. However, most Sarasota residents are retirees, professionals, and families, making it very suitable for families looking for a family-oriented area in which to live.


Arts & Culture

Sarasota enjoys a vibrant art and cultural community. It is also known as Circus City in the US. It has several art galleries, circus museums, opera, and theaters, making it a great place to live if you are fond of the arts.


Affordable Place to Live

Sarasota is an affordable place to live, as it has low property taxes and no state income tax. It provides good job opportunities, with a low unemployment rate. You can enjoy all the luxuries of a city, along with the breathtaking beauty of its stunning beaches, at a price that won’t break the bank.


World-Class Golf Courses

Sarasota is a paradise for people who love golf. For golf fans, Sarasota provides a variety of golf courses that are well regarded. It also has several tennis courts, if that is your sport of choice!


The Bottom Line...

Beautiful beaches, affordable housing, plenty of dining and shopping options, and a chance to enjoy marine life are some of the reasons why you need to buy a second home in Sarasota. Check out the city, and we are sure you will fall in love with the area!

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