5 FAQs About IRS Tax Relief

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Question 1-Who is eligible for tax relief?

Answer-Almost everyone who owes back taxes is eligible for some form of relief. The tax relief specialists at East Coast Tax Consulting Group know your rights and the detailed rules and regulations of the IRS. From releasing a wage garnishment, to reducing penalties, or negotiating a settlement, we will provide a fast and accurate solution to your problem. 

Question 2-Can you find out how much I owe?

Answer-Yes we can. East Coast Tax Consulting Group obtains IRS transcripts for every client to evaluate their situation, and uses those findings as a starting point to determine the best course of action to protect you, and resolve the issue.

Question 3-I owe taxes, but haven't filed returns for a number of years. What should I do?

Answer-We will help you file all delinquent tax returns to bring you up-to-date. You must be in current compliance with your tax filings to qualify for a tax resolution. Once you’re in compliance, we will develop a strategy to pay off the balance due, such as an Offer in Compromise or Installment Agreement.

Question 4-What is an Offer in Compromise?

Answer-An Offer in Compromise is a tax settlement option offered by the IRS that allows you to settle your back tax debt for less than what you owe.  To qualify for this program you must show the IRS there is no possible way you can pay your entire tax debt, because you don’t have enough income or assets.

Question 5-I owe back taxes; when can the IRS garnish my wages or levy my bank account?

Answer-The IRS is required to issue you several collection notices to notify you of your outstanding tax balance. After the IRS has issued all of its required notices, it can may begin enforced collection activity against you, such as bank levies and wage garnishments. East Coast Tax Consulting Group can help release IRS  bank levies and wage garnishments.

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