What Is Networking And Just How Deep, Does It Go?

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What is Networking and just how do you go about it? Who is ready to dive in deep with this?  I removed this out of a trash can, after a conference and someone saw me take it out of the trash can, and asked me why I was reverting to trash and dumpster diving?  I stated that this was not trash but a treasure.  What is one person's trash is another persons treasure.  


Let's look at all the things someone needs in order to get married with wedding plans and look how we can help others who are getting ready to get married and look how deep this goes?  Brides need flowers, right?  Who do you know who is a florist?  Do brides need a dress?  Right? The bride and groom need a getaway car, right? Do the bride and groom need a church or a reception area and food?  Right?  Do you see how you can help one another in this world, IF you NETWORK~  I have a group on FaceBook called, NETWORKING WITH A PASSION! if you like Facebook and you want to network more.


We all know someone we can help or assist or either has a small business or large business.  We either choose to help or we choose to remain silent and no want to get involved. Do your part and be willing to help one another and promote one another that you believe in.  I promote so many people that I believe in and that I trust.


How can we network?  Talk, listen, be social on various platforms such as FaceBook.  Etc.  If you are not social and you are afraid to speak on various platforms, no one will see you and no one will hear you.  I get the excuse all the time, that people can not do, what I do.  I am like you either choose to be social or you choose not to. I know so many who are afraid to utter a peep.  I know so many who fear speaking.  I know so many who fear being seen?  Why?  Remember this.  The squeaky wheel or the squeaky person who communicates is the one who not only gets seen but gets heard.  You ask questions, you answer questions.  You be kind and you be informative.  Sometimes a little pot-stirring is also a way to get others to engage in conversation.  Wink.


Be personal, Be real.  Be genuine.  Be all you can be and then be so much more.  Do not tell me that you can not do it.  Do not tell me that you fear others.  Do not tell me that you have an image to uphold.  Do not tell me that you fear being attacked.  Do not give me an excuse if you want to be seen more and you want to make a difference in the life of others. Be caring and want to find out about the lives of others.  Seek to know more.  Make it about learning and wanting to get to know others. RELATIONSHIPS

ARE KEY!  Do you buy from those you do not trust?  Now, if you trust someone, you will typically buy from him or her right?

My last point is this.

Realationships take work like farming does.  First you have to turn the soil with the plow on the farm right? Second you have to plant the seeds and either water it naturally or by water irrigation.  You next need to maintain the farm or field that you planted and make sure you keep most of the weeds out of your field. Maintain your relationships just like you do your farm or your field that you planted .  You want to one day harvest and bring in what comes out of your field correct?  Work your field and farm just like relationships. They both take work and people need to see you and you need to have a presences in some way.   Maybe it is a newsletter, maybe it is a catalog.  Maybe it is you calling, those in your network.  Maybe it is your writing about what one another offers and showing others that you really care about him or her.  We are not talking the kissy, kissy way either.  We are talking about caring about one another and helping one another grow to be so much and more!  Now, one day when you build your relationships and you can show others that you care you will be ready to be rewarded by harvesting your crop, just like you harvest relationships.


So, what are you wainting for? Christmast?  A special invitation?  Well, here it is.  Get out there and be social and let others know your heart and what you are all about.  Stop worrying about how others see you or how others view you.  Be you!


My name is David Snell and I own a company out of Mint Hill/Charlotte North Carolina called : Executive Restoration LLC.  When you think of this name, Think, Got Mold?  We Have The Cure!







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Michael Jacobs
Pasadena, CA
Los Angeles Pasadena 818.516.4393

Hello David - people are individuals and quite different even when there may be similarities. Ones concept of trash, can be considered treasure by another.  So many other examples. 

Jul 06, 2021 04:59 AM
David Snell 704.545.0098
WWW.ExecutiveRestoration.Com - Charlotte, NC

Michael, interesting point about trash.  Thank you.

Jul 06, 2021 06:37 PM