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Pacific Grove California Rich History

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The 1890 Victorian Home at the Heart of California’s Coastal City

A city founded in 1875 by Methodists

Leslie DeLuca
Jul 6 · 4 min read
The Victorian home with original stained glass windows (All pictures from author website)

Pacific Grove is a coastal city in Monterey County, California. The city is known for its monarch butterfly grove, many historic homes some of which date back to the 19th century. This is an exploration of one of those houses. But first, a little bit about the history of the coastal city.


About the Pacific Grove

Pacific Grove California was founded in 1875 by Methodists as a summer religious retreat, the city remains a center for conferences of religious and other groups. Alcohol was banned in Pacific Grove until 1969 when it became the last California city to end local prohibition. The pines and eucalyptus trees in the famous Monarch Grove Sanctuary provide an overwintering spot for thousands of monarch butterflies that migrate from Canada and Alaska in early October. Point Pinos Lighthouse is on the bay.

Pacific Grove is well known for historical Victorian homes that dot the coastline with colorful histories and interesting stories to tell. In fact, this quaint coastal town boasts over 1350 structures on Pacific Grove’s Historic Resources Inventory. Some of these are officially designated historic landmarks, such as Chautauqua Hall and the Pt. Pinos Lighthouse. Most of this real estate of historic buildings, however, are houses. Pacific Grove’s real estate market is filled with these charming and well-preserved historic homes.

Exploring Pacific Grove, you will find houses with a variety of architectural styles. The property we are focusing on here is the Queen Anne Style which was built between 1880–1910. Queen Anne displays a variety of decorated eaves and porches, gables, towers and turrets, bay windows, stained glass, and patterned shingles. Structures vary greatly in size and design.


The 1890 Victorian Home

This beautiful Victorian was originally owned and built by Mrs. I.D. Rodgers from San Francisco. She built it in 1890.

Sign on Front of House Historical Home

It was a second home for her. Originally a 2 bed 1 bath cottage it was remodeled and expanded in the 1980s. It still has original stained glass windows, the doors and hardware, bathtub, and light fixtures are all original.

The original doorknob has a working doorbell the living room jas the original stained glass windows

The property was expanded in the 1980s to include a family room, double car garage, and kitchen remodel. The original aspects of the home were kept intact.

Pacific Grove houses are traditional and range from charming Victorian to mid-century modern design. And you have stunning ocean-front architectural wonders to mesmerize the senses. All staying consistent with the modest, small-town atmosphere of the rest of the community.

This is an excellent community to explore if you have always dreamed of owning authentic Victorian-era architecture, living in a friendly beach town. There are some areas that you can buy to use as your permanent home or to convert into lucrative vacation rentals.

Living in Pacific Grove is like being on vacation all the time. Homes offer exteriors that feature brick or Carmel stone-wall or full wood sidings that provide a beautiful contrast to the Mediterranean climate, foggy mornings, clear blue skies, and natural forest setting. Interiors are designed to be comfortable and let the outside in so that living spaces can “breathe”. Balconies to enjoy views and backyard patios are also common features.

The balcony

Altogether, these qualities add up to a soothing living experience that makes the most out of Pacific Grove’s impeccable surroundings.


Have you ever been to the Pacific Grove? What do you like the most about the place?

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