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Realtors know all about it. Curb Appeal.

All your life you've been told you never get a second chance to make a first impression. This is the concept behind Curb Appeal and it goes for your professional image, as well. When you meet new prospetive clients and buyers, you are presenting yourself in the most professional way you know how. Just as you are a professional at helping people sell their homes, there are professionals who specialize in helping sell YOU.

YOUR curb appeal is my business. I regularly see great looking people disguised in last decade's drab clothes, outdated hair and unprofessional makeup. I meet professionals who are good at what they do but are so consumed with their work and personal lives that they let their professional presentation slide and are using five-year-old photos on their business cards. They are losing deals to newcomers who have a fresh look and crisp confidence.

These are qualities that can be attained and regained at any stage in your career. Young professionals are hungry and have a brand new wardrobe, fresh cut and current look. When they talk about current trends, many people believe them based on their current professional image, even if they have never made a sale.

If you are a seasoned professional or new to the business world, it is time to call in a professional to check YOUR curb appeal. Get your look current. Start your roadmap to a professional makeover that accentuates you as you are now, not ten years ago. Update your cut, color and your makeup. Ask a professional for advice.

Times have changed. Give the lasting impression that you know trends and can make everyone, including yourself, a lot of money.




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