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The traditional way for agents to market properties was to use methods such as newspaper ads and open house signs. Today, people spend more time online searching for products and making purchasing decisions based on what they see on social media and listing sites. Therefore, you need to engage them in a more constructive manner to spread the word about your brand. It is possible to market properties to a larger audience by using YouTube. With over 1.9 billion active monthly users every day, YouTube provides a tremendous amount of exposure for real estate. As videos have rapidly become popular ways to share content, let's talk about why you should use them as part of your marketing strategy, how to use them to build your own real estate channel on YouTube, and how to engage your audience once they have it.

3 Reasons Why You Should Use YouTube For Your Real Estate Marketing

A lot of people watch Youtube because it is owned by Google, it dominates the number two position in search engine results, and it is extremely reliable for streaming (essential in today's short-attention span market). YouTube uses a different algorithm to compute their ranking instead of traditional written content because they realize video is more time-consuming and difficult to create. Video content can be integrated seamlessly and supported in the search results by using this service.

Tip #1: Create A Dedicated YouTube Channel For All Your Real Estate VIdeos

If your real estate website does not possess a dedicated YouTube channel, create one that is customized to reflect your real estate brand. Set your YouTube channel apart by creating a custom background which incorporates your logo and colors that conform with those of your website.

Tip #2: Set up Your YouTube Channel Fully Before Uploading Videos

It's important to completely set up a channel on YouTube before you begin uploading your videos. Provide details about your business in the "About" section, link to your site and social media, and include a cover image for your YouTube channel using Canva or another similar graphic editing tool.

Tip #3: Real Estate Keywords For YouTube

Among all the factors that affect YouTube SEO, keywords are crucial. Finding YouTube keywords is not rocket science, as long as you know how to do it. You can type in a word or phrase related to real estate, such as ‘buy a home in (interesting city or neighborhood)', and YouTube will suggest possible search phrases for you.

Tip #4: Make Engaging Videos

A huge ranking factor for YouTube videos is how long they are watched. This means that the longer a viewer stays on your video, the higher it will rank in YouTube search results. What it basically means is that you should make engaging videos. This YouTube SEO metric, called Audience Retention, is based on user retention. A few other indicators that show your videos are engaging include:

Tip #5: Use Call To Action

Obtain viewers' attention and get them to take the next step. It doesn't matter whether you're encouraging them to subscribe to your YouTube channel or learn more about a particular listing, make sure you include a specific call to action at the end of every video. One alternative way to rack up your following the easy and fast way is to buy YouTube subs.


Tip #6: Use Online Real Estate Marketing Strategies

Once you have your real estate videos posted on YouTube, you need to drive their attention to potential clients using your real estate blog and social media marketing strategies. Make sure the videos are linked in your Facebook posts and Tweets, and make certain they are mentioned in Google+ hangouts and LinkedIn forums.

Tip #7: Be Consistent

One of the biggest mistakes Realtors make after posting a few videos of their homes on YouTube is giving up. Having a posting schedule and sticking to it is essential, even if it means posting one video a month. The return on investment associated with YouTube video views can't be understated. Even if your videos are getting less than 100 views, you shouldn't be discouraged. Informational content that is evergreen is the best way to go. When you are creating videos on buying, selling, or investing guides, make sure that your content is evergreen. You can make your videos relevant for a lifetime in this way. When you make a video on ‘Steps to Buying a Home,’ make sure not to mention the current real estate market trends (which are seasonal). If you wish to discuss the latest market developments, do so in a separate video.

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Grant Schneider
Performance Development Strategies - Armonk, NY
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YouTube is a great way to do it.  There is an Active Rain Group called YouTube Thursdays hosted by Debb Janes EcoBroker and Bernie Stea JD .

Jul 07, 2021 05:25 AM
Vickie Teel
RE/MAX PALM REALTY - Port Charlotte, FL
Sharing Florida sunshine one homeowner at a time!

Thank you for posting this helpful information.  I'be been considering this for a while now I just need to take action

Jul 07, 2021 05:25 AM
Sham Reddy CRS
H E R Realty, Dayton, OH - Dayton, OH

Thanks for sharing David!

Today, people spend more time online searching for products and making purchasing decisions based on what they see on social media and listing sites.

Jul 07, 2021 05:28 AM