Why You Need a Real Estate Business Resume

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If you have worked in the traditional employment market at any point in your career, you’ve likely needed a professional resume to promote your personal qualifications to prospective employers.


But, what if you work independently in the real estate industry? There is no need to promote yourself to employers, but there are many other ways that you may need to promote yourself with a written summary of your skills and accomplishments.


Some examples include:


  • A real estate developer may need to submit a summary of qualifications when pursuing project funding through private investors or lending institutions.

  • A commercial real estate investor may need to submit a qualifications brief for similar reasons.

  • An independent property manager may wish to promote her services to landlords.

  • A real estate broker may find a qualifications brief helpful when promoting services to prospective sellers.

  • Anyone who does any type of independent consulting or freelance work may have a need to promote their qualifications to business owners. Think independent home stagers, handyman services, architects, interior designers, etc.


A traditional resume isn’t usually appropriate in these situations. Instead, you might want to consider having a business resume (also known as a company resume) created. You may also hear these types of documents called by other names, such as a networking resume, infographic value profile, or qualifications brief. 


Whatever they are called, these are usually one-page summary documents that touch on the highlights of your qualifications and achievements that illustrate your value to the intended recipient. 


Example of a business resume for a real estate developer

Unlike traditional resumes, business resumes tend to just summarize the chronology of your career (or leave it out altogether) to leave room for more relevant details.


What is relevant? It depends on your field, your offerings, and your intended audience, but it could include big-picture information about your qualifications, major projects you have worked on, and your service offerings.


Example of a business resume for a resort property real estate specialist

Modern business resumes/networking resumes/value profiles often incorporate color and infographic elements to increase eye appeal and make the document easier to read. For real estate professionals, this might include photographs of projects you have worked on.


Example of a business resume for a commercial real estate management professional

As these example real estate business resumes show, you may wish to use the document to promote your individual services.


But, if you are a part of a small group, you can have a business resume created to promote the group. In these cases, you might want to include a brief covering the qualifications of each person on the team.


Example of a business resume for a real estate group

Can you create a document like this for yourself? Perhaps. But only if you have top-notch writing and graphic design skills.


A better option for most people is to hire a professional resume writer. Not all resume writers will be familiar with this format, so make sure to discuss your needs before you decide to work with any particular writer. If you like the idea of an infographic business resume, you will also want to make sure the writer you hire is capable of creating infographic documents—very few are.


If you are considering hiring professional help, we encourage you to reach out to Distinctive Career Services for a free consultation. All of the examples in this article were created by Michelle Dumas, founder and CEO of Distinctive Career Services.



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