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Cost of Living in Rancho Cucamonga . . . And More


Living expenses in Rancho Cucamonga are closely related to earnings and, in large part, determine the type of lifestyle you may have. If your living costs are high and your expenses exceed your income, you will be limited in what you can purchase and do. Let's take New York City as an example...


According to a 2018 Mercer poll, New York City is the most expensive city in the United States. As a result, even a high salary in an expensive city like New York may seem insufficient. Nonetheless, millions of people desire to live there. That's because, while the cost of living is essential, it's not the only factor to consider when deciding where to relocate.


Overview of Cost of Living in Rancho Cucamonga


Rancho Cucamonga, often known as "Rancho," has a population of over 177,000 people and is located 37 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, “just south of the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains and Angeles National Forest.” It is “the 19th most populous city in southern California and the 27th state-wide.”

Grape farming and winemaking have long been a part of Rancho Cucamonga's culture. Its "proximity to major transportation hubs, airports, and highways" has also made it appealing to enterprises and big corporations. Businesses and big enterprises have found it highly appealing because of its closeness to major transit hubs, airports, and highways.


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Living Costs in Rancho Cucamonga Compare to the National Average by Category:


-Energy – 28.4% higher
-Food – 3.3% higher
-Healthcare – 0.6% higher
-Housing – 6.6% higher
-Transportation – 2.5% higher


However, if you don't consider Rancho Cucamonga's cost of living compares to other large cities, such statistics might be deceptive. As an example...


-San Francisco – 82.6% lower
-Washington, DC – 52.6% lower
-Miami – 8.1% lower
-Chicago – 11.5% lower
-Boston – 47.5% lower
-New York – 76.9% lower
-Dallas – 6.2% higher


With the exception of Dallas, Rancho Cucamonga has a cheaper cost of living than all of these other large cities. Then it's only a smidgeon higher. 


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Specifics of Cost of Living in Rancho Cucamonga



Rancho Cucamonga's median house value is $545,000, with accessible numbers ranging from $541,600 to $550,634. The typical house value in San Bernadino County is $362,000, which is greater than the national average. While housing values in Rancho Cucamonga increased by 3.3 percent last year, they are expected to fall by 1.5 percent this year.


Food and Groceries
Rancho Cucamonga has a lower cost of living than San Diego, with food and consumables costing 13.7 percent less. For example, the average monthly food expenditure for a household of four in Los Angeles is $830, but it is $746 in Rancho Cucamonga.

In Rancho Cucamonga, a basic dinner at a low-cost restaurant would set you back at approximately $15.00, while a fast-food combination meal will set you back at about $8.00. You can expect to pay around:

-$2.80 for a loaf of bread
-$5.14 for an 8 oz. block of cheese
-$3.25 for a gallon of milk

Utilities and Basic Services
Rancho Cucamonga has a cost-of-living index of 105.2 for utilities, compared to a national average of 100. As per another source, utilities are around 3% more than the national average, while the average household power tariff is 29.12% higher.

Transportation costs in Rancho Cucamonga are 38 percent more than the national average, including both gasoline and insurance. Gas prices in Rancho Cucamonga range from $2.95 to $4.00 per gallon, with an average of $3.60. A public transit pass costs $55.00 per month on average.


In Rancho Cucamonga, a typical household of four will spend about $698 each month on taxes. At about 1.15 percent, San Bernardino County [where Rancho Cucamonga is situated] has one of the highest property tax rates in the state. Property tax rates are lower in 48 of the 58 counties. There are higher tax rates for the 9 counties than the rest of the state. Always remember too, that California has one of the lowest property tax rates in the nation.


When it comes to the cost of living, healthcare is frequently at the top of the priority list. Healthcare expenses are about 7% more than the national average, depending on the source, although it is usually placed significantly lower on the cost-of-living index, coming in at 86.9 out of 100. The average monthly cost of healthcare for a household of four is $795.


Cost of Living in Rancho Cucamonga Not the Whole Story


Rancho Cucamonga was placed 42nd in the US on Money magazine's "Best Places to Live" list in 2006. Furthermore, a Silver distinction was earned by 4 Rancho Cucamonga high schools in a 2015 ranking of the nation’s high schools by U.S. News and World Report. All four high schools were designated California Gold Ribbon Schools by the California Department of Education in 2017.


And there’s more . . .


-WalletHub ranked Rancho Cucamonga the 14th happiest town in America in 2018, depending on health, wealth, and job, as well as community and environment
-The weather is perfect.
-Low crime rate
-Los Angeles, San Diego, Palm Springs, world-class beaches, and snow-capped mountains are all within easy driving distance.
-Rancho Cucamonga is a family-friendly community with a diversified economy, ethnicity, and culture.


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