Native Trees In Tennessee

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Tennessee List of Native Trees

Native trees are an essential part of the ecosystem. Birds, insects, and other wildlife recognize these trees and use them to support their biological needs. There are various beautiful trees native to Tennessee you should consider when looking to make additions to your landscape. 

Red Maple

 A fantastic choice to use as an ornamental tree, the red maple provides a brilliant display of red foliage during fall. This tree produces gorgeous shades of red throughout most of the year. From flower buds during winter months, flowers blooming just before the tree leaves out, and then a reddish-colored fruit takes the place of the flowers as they fade. Red maple trees grow to be about 40-70 feet tall and 30-50 feet wide. 

Eastern Hemlock

 The eastern hemlock is an evergreen tree that closely resembles a large Christmas tree, with brown cones resembling ornaments hanging from the tree. Like the red maple, the eastern hemlock is a large tree with a mature height of 40-70 feet and a width of 25-35 feet. 


 Also known as the sugarberry and nettle tree, the hackberry tree is large and fast-growing and often used as a shade tree. One interesting thing about this tree is the food that it supplies for animals. This tree relies on birds and other small animals to eat its fruit and spread seeds to reproduce. 

American Sweetgum

 As an attractive shade tree, the sweetgum is a large tree that provides magnificent yellow, orange, and red fall foliage. For this reason, it also makes a great ornamental tree. This tree has economic value as well, as it is used as a source of hardwood and plywood. Before adding this tree to your landscape, one thing to consider is its size and ability to grow over 100 feet tall.

Trees for Ohio 

Planting trees at your home or business adds beauty to your landscape design and attracts wildlife. Whether you're simply looking for trees with beautiful leaves or want something that flowers, there are many trees that will grow well in Ohio. Because these trees are hardy, consider planting one of these trees:

Red Maple

The maple tree comes from Japan and will be a nice addition to any space. This tree will add attractive color to your landscape in both the summer and fall. In the summer, its leaves are a lovely dark green. In the fall, the leaves of the maybe maple turn a nice pale yellow. This tree is hardy and grows well in all of Ohio. The maybe maple needs full sun, meaning it should get at least six hours of sunshine a day. It also needs moist, well-drained soils. This tree grows between 30 and 40 feet tall. With the right amount of sun and water, this tree will be aesthetically pleasing in any yard.

Pogoda dogwood


The pagoda dogwood is native to the United States. This tree is smaller than the maybe maple but grows between 20 and 35 feet tall. The pagoda dogwood also produces dark green leaves, but these leaves turn a dull maroon in the fall. The pagoda dogwood produces white flowers that bloom in May and June and will attract a variety of birds. This tree needs partial to full shade. It also requires moist, well-drained soil. The berries that grow in clusters are not edible to humans. However, animals like pheasants and squirrels will love them. Just like the Miyable maple, the pagoda dogwood can be planted all over Ohio.

If you're planting trees at your home or business, these trees are just a couple of your options. There are several varieties that will add beauty with leaves or flowers and attract wildlife.

Trees for New York 

Although the sugar maple is the state tree of New York, there are a wide variety of trees suitable for growing in the area. The state falls in the six to seven hardy zone, and there are many varieties of native, deciduous, coniferous, and fruit trees that are perfect for growing in this zone.

There is a wide range of native trees in New York. These include the flowering dogwood, Canadian serviceberry, common pawpaw, and redbud for those looking to enhance their property with flowering trees. These trees can range from twenty to forty feet in height and provide a magnificent display of pink, white, and purple flowers. Other trees native to the area are the red maple, northern red oak, quaking aspen, and beech tree. These trees provide cool shade during the Summer and a colorful display of fall leaves in Autumn. Growing fruit trees in New York state is easier than it may seem. There are thousands of varieties of apples, pears, and plums. Cortland, red, and golden delicious are a great choice for apple lovers. The purple Stanley plum is one of the best cold hardy plums and is ideal for growing in upstate New York. There are even some varieties of peaches, nectarines, and cherry trees that can be grown in the state.  Evergreen trees are ideal for use when privacy is the desired outcome. They can be used as living fences, screens, and windbreaks. There are so many varieties of evergreen species to choose from. The arborvitae species is a great place to start.While there are many popular city trees that are commonly found lining the streets, these are not the only trees that can be grown throughout the state. With such a vast selection of native, fruit, flowering, and privacy trees in either coniferous or deciduous form, there is sure to be the perfect tree to suit just about anyone.







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