The Arizona Buyer Advisory

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The Buyer AdvisoryIf you are a buyer in Arizona, this document might interest you. The Buyer Advisory is a document all of Team Shelton's clients receive. It has active links in it to help you do research when buying your next Arizona property.


Why are inspections important when buying a home?

Inspections are important when buying your next home. Any agent who has you waive an inspection is opening you and themselves up for liability. The current market is pushing buyers to be very competitive and waiving repairs can be one way to make your offer more attractive to sellers but waiving your inspections? Not smart. Inspections give you an opportunity to actually understand and know what you are buying and any potential problems you may have to deal with after closing.


How can the Buyer Advisory help?

The Buyer Advisory is a tool. It has links to resources to support you in finding out what you want to know. Crime stats are important to understand because, in Arizona, the seller and their agent do not have to disclose if your home was the site of a felony or if there was a natural death, suicide, or homicide. It's also good to understand environmental concerns that may be associated with your community.  The buyer advisory can help jog your mind about something you may find important and didn't really know the best way to bring it up. 


Where can I get a copy of the buyer advisory?

When we are helping someone buy a home, we insist on having a one-hour zoom meeting. This allows us to explain important documents like the buyer advisory. We explain how inspections work and how much earnest money you will need. There are also important things you need to understand like the agency relationship and setting proper expectations in the current market so you know the best way to get into a home for the least amount of money.  If you would like to become a well-educated homebuyer and work with Team Shelton, schedule your zoom call here. 



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Michael Jacobs
Pasadena, CA
Los Angeles Pasadena 818.516.4393

Hello Michelle - client awareness and understanding of the real estate process is important.  Sometimes, especially with first-time buyers or those relocating from another area, people are understandably unfamiliar with "how things work" in a given market.  The practice varies and being informed is important.  

Jul 11, 2021 07:18 AM
Michelle Shelton

We over educate and it works. Thanks for stopping by.


Jul 11, 2021 07:57 AM