Repairs and Improvements You Should Make Before Your Home Inspection

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Home inspections are a vital part of selling a home that can make or break a home. The worst thing that can happen is getting an offer well over the asking price only to have to pay thousands to repair unknown damage. Water damage is a perfect example as you might not notice it in a certain part of your home. This can lead to mold and the rotting of wood. Termites are another problem that can lead to a buyer pulling their offer as there could be massive structural problems. The following are repairs and improvements to make before a home inspection and what you should do before listing the home. 

Air Conditioning Repair

The last thing that any home buyer wants to do is replace the HVAC system in the first few years owning a home. AC repair and maintenance can extend the lifetime of your system. There are some areas that might need AC less than others like that of northern California. Other areas absolutely need central AC as window units can drive up an electricity bill to the next level. Take time to consider all of your options as clean energy is something that buyers are willing to pay top-dollar for. 

Make Sure Your Roof Is Taken Care Of

The roof can be a massive expense that you do not want to deal with. There are steel roofs that last for around 50 years while others last 15 to 20 years. No new homeowner wants any issues with the roof as leaks as water damage is immensely expensive to remedy. You should also be aware of trees near your home during storms. Shade is great but a hurricane can lead to a tree coming through your living room and being immensely expensive to repair. Make sure that trees are cut so you do not have any animal nests and damage the roof. Squirrels and raccoons can do real damage to your home and get stuck inside of the walls in the worst circumstances. 

Cosmetic Repairs Don't Matter As Much To A Buyer or Inspector 

The major repairs are what inspectors are looking for but they will create an itemized list for the buyer. Some buyers are going to ask for everything to be repaired but this is where a realtor's negotiating skills come into play. Some sellers are willing to walk away from a sale depending on what they are asked to repair. Others will drop the price or cover other costs that are usually covered by the buyer. Multiple offers being taken on a home gives the seller the power while less healthy markets give power to the buyers. 


Selling a home is going to be stressful if you know there are problems that an inspector may or may not find. Most inspectors are not going to overlook major problems which is something to keep in mind. Take time to make sure your home is updated and damage is all repaired so the offer made on your home stands. 


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