Does it rain in Phoenix?

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Does it rain in Phoenix?

Today as I write this I sit on my back patio and enjoy the rain. Normally it would be at least 105 degrees by now as it is almost 9 O'Clock in the morning but notice I said the word enjoy. 

My pool is a mess from the dust storm last night and I will have a couple of hours of work on it before my pool guy gets here. My yard is a mess of tree limbs and debris blown in AND I am enjoying 70-degree weather while I write. It just doesn't happen often where we get an entire morning of rain. The last time this happened was well over a year ago.

How many days a year does it rain in Phoenix?

If you google rain in Phoenix, they will tell you we get 33 days a year of rain. I have to call BS on that! In 2021 we have had a couple of sprinkles here and there. It was just enough to get our hopes up and make our cars really look bad. 

I have visited places where they have constant rain and it is enjoyable for short stints. I find my clothes don't dry, they can smell damp, my hair goes wild, nothing drys, there is mud everywhere and moss will grow on a rolling stone. So, with that knowledge, I will say I prefer the dry to the rain, although a good thunderstorm, some lighting, and a fresh sound of driving rain never hurt anyone. To answer the question, does it rain in Phoenix, it does rain in Phoenix, just not often enough! 

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