Head To "Puerto Backyarda" This Summer at Home

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Hey it is SUMMER and time DO NOTHING! Another Sunny afternoon and grilling and hanging by the pool in Puerto Backyarda! (Backyard Photo: Rudy- Pixabay)


It may be time to make your backyard into your own Puerto Backyarda paradise. The landscaping needs something. But what? Shall I head to Home Depot and start buying shrubs and drip irrigation? Maybe I should map out a new retaining wall or put in a pond or af fountain?


This song reminds me of Puerto Backyarda... is that any where near Margaritaville?

Puerto Backyarda is a nice place to hang out in Surburbia if you are thinking of moving from the densely packed cities and may have the Corona Virus blues

Make Your Backyard Magic!


What is the very first thing that I should do? What will make the backyard special?

House Logic says, DO NOTHING!

You can learn a lot by DOING NOTHING. 


Sit down, sip some iced tea, watch the grass grow and observe. You can learn a lot by doing nothing.

"The excitement of buying a new home, plus a stretch of warm spring weather, often creates a passion for yard work. But don't just do something, stand there! What looks like a spring weed might be a fall-blooming vine; that bare spot in March might reveal tulips in April.

Try this instead: Live with your land for a year. Observe how many hours of sunlight each part of your garden gets. Test the pH of your soil to determine if acid-loving or alkaline-loving plants will be happy in that particular patch of heaven. Observe when your lawn greens up in spring and becomes dormant in late summer.

The money and time you save by watching and waiting will be your own."

You can accomplish a lot by doing nothing.

"Do Nothing" the first year after moving in. Instead, put up a lawn chair and sip some ice tea and observe the rising and setting sun, the birds, the breeze, the rainfall coming off the roof, the shadows and the sunniest parts of the yard. Let nature rule the first year.

 Winfield Scott Scottsdale

Winfield Scott and his wife Helen founder of Scottsdale Arizona, did nothing when first arriving in 1888 in the desert observing the possibilities and then acted definitively planting with a great result.


In February 1888, Scott visited the Salt River Valley per Wikepedia, "Valley leaders hoped the chaplain would help promote the area. Scott was so impressed he purchased 640 acres of land in the valley for US $2.50/acre. The plot he chose was abutted the soon to be completed Arizona Canal. 


There he cleared the land of brush and began planted citrus orchards. Scott moved to his homestead in 1893 on terminal leave" This led to retirement from the US Army. "As the first person to grow peanuts, citrus trees, and grapes in the Salt River Valley, Scott advocated the area's potential as a health resort as well as its agricultural potentia A couple years after Scott's arrival there were a number of families living near his ranch.  Scott and his wife founded the Arizona Baptist Foundation and became part of the area's local leadership. In 1896 the area added a school and the settlement around Scott's ranch was officially named Scottsdale."


After doing nothing get some ideas for your yard from these beautiful art gardens from Duskeyswondersite. 


Fountains Bring Relaxation to Puerto Backyarda

After observing your yard the first year, have some fun with some of these interesting art garden concepts or design your own. See link for other ideas.


A Pool always works in Arizona in your own Puerto Backyardaphoenix backyard

An entertaining backyard in the Phoenix Arizon metro area (Photo: Jeff Masich)


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Laura Cerrano
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That house has quite the charm vibe and I really like but I can't quite put my finger on. :

Jul 14, 2021 10:57 PM
Jeff Masich-Scottsdale AZ Associate Broker,MBA,GRI
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Houses in "Puerto Backyarda" tend to do that do one Laura Cerrano sip on the beer and put another shrimp on the barbi. Jeff 😎

Jul 14, 2021 11:02 PM