A New Protected Class, You Must Agree...Or Else!

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At Home With Diversity 2


Updated Mission (in additional to past AHWD training)


1) Awareness. Helping agents with being more aware of

the new alternative lifestyles among us.


2) Preparing agents for the newly updated diversity tests.


Ben Shapiro presents the details...



-Wanting to be perfectly clear: Though the point is supposed to be fun & satirical & there is a legit wow factor here, there is absolutely no hate directed toward these individuals, that is NOT the intent, nor the point.-


This serious matter (done with satire) is for informative purposes only. No further discussions needed.

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Our Mission, Passion & Purpose...

Being acquainted with a nationally known consumer advocate in Atlanta I have been inspired after witnessing his great purpose and passion in action with the legacy of helping untold multitudes. It became my mission to incorporate advocacy into my passion of real estate.

My mission begins with this seed and with this seed begins the birth of X Group Real Estate Advocates in association with Realty ONE Group.  

The real estate consumer deserves better!                                                                                         

Performance guarantee for your peace of mind! 



Seller's Advocacy, Default Advocacy & Buyer's Advocacy

Instant MLS:  OCLister.com

Important:If you're visiting any new home community or open house there is NO need to give personal information to someone who is not working on your behalf. At least tell them you're working with an agent and just want to look. 

Remember to not say much, anything you say can be used for their benefit NOT yours.




Pete X & Associates GRI, MCNE, CDPE, CDAT

Realty ONE Group



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