Top 4 Tips to Secure Your Commercial Property from Electrical Hazards

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Safety from electrical hazards must be a collective responsibility. Fire breakouts are common occurrences due to different causes. Unfortunately, most of the effects of electrical hazards occur due to a lack of knowledge. Not everyone is aware of safety rules and regulations, especially in regards to electricity. It’s high time we treated fire safety with the seriousness it deserves to avoid grave damages.


We can begin by sensitizing the public on safer ways to handle electricity since it’s a massive part of our daily lives. As a business person, it all starts with you. Here are tips to secure your commercial property from electrical hazards.



  1. Inspect Your Appliances Regularly


Living in modern times means having access to electrical appliances such as refrigerators, microwaves, and AC systems. As much as they make life easier and more comfortable, they are hazardous when not handled correctly.


Regular inspection of each of the electronics within your commercial residence prevents electrical danger that may be lurking. Never wait till they start to malfunction before you give them due attention. Commercial homes with more appliances are at a higher risk of electrical hazards as they may bombard the available outlets. Worse still, some of them may fail to show signs of potential danger.


Employ the services of a trained and long-serving electrician to inspect each of the appliances in your possession. Pay close attention to the wirings, cords, plugs, and switches.


Switch off appliances that are never in regular use and find safe storage for them. Better still, get to the root and ensure the ones you use regularly are correctly installed and that they are genuine products. Your electrician will do away with all kinds of overloads and enlighten you on the dangers of doing so. Instead, each appliance should be plugged safely into a less engaged power source.


Sensitize your employees on all the electrical safety rules, from the basic to the most complex. 

This ensures their well-being and that of your commercial residence, especially when you’re not around.



  1. Electrical Maintenance Services


Being a sensitive topic, electricity requires consistent surveillance and monitoring by certified professionals. Your commercial residence must be maintained and inspected all year round to avoid power tripping and other risky electric defaults.


Some of the most sensitive areas to look into are generators, ACs, and general main switchboards. Each of these, including a power cord, is prone to short circuits, or the wiring may be wrongly done. Book appointments for thorough electrical maintenance practices on every appliance and system to ensure high-level security. This move saves you unnecessary costs in the repair of preventable damages.


Call established electrical maintenance companies to schedule appointments on your calendar. Most of them are usually booked and may not squeeze your commercial residence into their schedules in case of an emergency. This way, your business, and employees are cushioned from all kinds of electrical misconducts that may break out. Professionals are aware of the importance of tagging and will work round the clock to ensure they do it correctly.


Electrical tagging is part of electrical servicing, which is vital to allow the business to function smoothly. Unforeseen breakdowns and accidents are costly to your company and must be prevented by all means necessary. You will also be guided on handling appliances and systems that are a liability to your business rather than an asset. Monitor each of them personally and report back to your maintenance service provider.



  1. Safe Storage Of Electric Cords


Careless handling of electrical cords is one of the leading causes of electrical hazards in commercial and residential premises. Create a culture of storing and handling them securely at your place of business.


Train your employees to do the same as they also run the risk of being affected in the event of a fire breakout. Proper positioning is the key to avoiding accidents that may be lurking close by. Avoid leaving electric cords in exposed areas, as this sets the stage for irreparable and expensive damages. Have them installed neatly and professionally on the walls by a verified technician.


Another orderly way of storing your electric cords safely is by unplugging them when not in use. In the case of outside wiring, choose products that are made to withstand all kinds of weather.

At the same time, the wires and cords must be well protected from harsh weather patterns. Prime exposure leads to premature wear and tear, among other hazardous effects. Never allow any staff members with little to no experience in electrical matters to handle complex operations such as these.


  1. Get Acquainted With Warning Signs


It’s never safe to assume that everything is normal, including blinking red spots on your appliances. Familiarize yourself and your staff with the signals to look out for as far as electric security is concerned.


Act promptly in case of any sign of peril rather than wait for the situation to spiral out of control. Some of the most popular warning signs include; specific warnings of voltage that must never be crossed and labels on electric appliances. Coming across each of them should heighten your sense of alertness and take the necessary steps to stay protected and safe.




Electrical security at a commercial residence starts with the entrepreneur as they endeavor to keep everyone involved safe. Follow all the tips and security hacks consistently for guaranteed welfare against electrical misappropriations.

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