"Conqueror of Oil Well Fires" (Memories Of A Master Professional!)

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"Conqueror of Oil Well Fires" (Memories Of A Master Professional!)

I grew up in eastern Utah and when I was just a young girl, they started drilling for oil in and around our area. Oil wells popped up everywhere- there's even one that's just one-fourths of a mile away from our back yard!

I was about five years old then when something like a major earthquake happened- everything was shaking, rumbling, rattling and crashing! Worst, the oil well behind our house caught on fire and exploded, turning into a giant firehose spraying fiery gas high into the sky that burned for days!

Enter “Red Adair-” the only expert with the knowledge, experience and skills to put out fires in oil and gas wells whether on land and sea. If there's anyone who can devise a way to not only to extinguish the fire but also contain the gushing gas, it was Red Adair.

It was truly the work of a master! From what I remember from the talk of the town was, it was super expensive but he was the only one masterful enough to get the job done. He saved our town!

Red Adair was also hired in Kuwait when 600 oil wells were set on fire during the Persian Gulf War. From what I found out, he worked on 119 wells for six months, charging the Kuwaitis four times his basic fee. His crew would use water to allow them to get close enough into the middle of the flames, lowering drums filled with dynamite and TNT. And from a short but safe distance, they watched as the charges went off and consume oxygen, suffocating the fire.

"Conqueror of Oil Well Fires," that's what the New York Times called him. His personal estimations has him putting out more than 2000 fires in a career that spanned half a century. What memories of a master professional in action!

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"Conqueror of Oil Well Fires" (Memories Of A Master Professional!)

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