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 Hard Money Lenders

Funded by private businesses and individuals, hard money lenders near me provide short-term, high-rate loans for real estate investors. This financing option, which does not conform to bank standards of creditworthiness, is typically used by rehabbers looking to renovate a property.

Hard money financing is generally determined by the value of the investment property itself, with lenders analyzing the “After Repair Value” (ARV) to determine the size of the loan. Hard money lenders near me generally will not fund an entire deal but rather fund a percentage of the purchase price or the after-repair value, which will range from 50 to 70 percent.

Hard money lenders also charge fees apart from the interest on the loan. These fees are generally delineated in points (three to five), representing additional percentage fees based on the loan amount. In general, hard money lenders Phoenix Arizona charge much higher interest rates – sometimes double the amount of a traditional mortgage, plus fees. In the end, all hard money lenders near me will have different requirements, and real estate investors need to be fully aware of what they are getting themselves into.

Private Hard Money Lenders near me

Private hard money lenders near me Phoenix Arizona are integral to the growth of every new investor. They have the means and intent to invest capital into your business, and they are just as interested in working with you as you are with them.

Generally speaking, private money lenders near me Scottsdale Arizona will provide investors with cash to purchase real estate properties in exchange for a specific interest rate. These terms will generally be established upfront and with a specified payback period – anywhere from six months to a year. These loans are most common when investors believe they can raise the value of a particular property over a short period of time, typically through renovations. It is also important to understand that private money lenders near me Las Vegas Nevada should only be used when you have a clearly defined exit strategy like hard money.

Seller Financing

There are some scenarios when both an investor and a seller can strike up a mutually beneficial seller financing deal. In seller financing, the property buyer will make payments directly to the seller of the property rather than going through a bank. This can help a motivated seller sell the property more quickly. The investor can avoid jumping over traditional mortgage lending hurdles, such as financial and credit score minimums.

Together, the buyer and seller can often enjoy a faster transaction process and avoid many costs and fees associated with the closing process. Furthermore, the owner can sell the promissory note if they no longer want to manage their own owner financing.

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