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Prospect Hill, Somerville, MA


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Prospect Hill is a mixed-use neighborhood in Somerville, Massachusetts that is predominantly residential. Highland Avenue to the north, McGrath Highway to the east, and Somerville Avenue to the south are just a few of the important thoroughfares that run through the area. The Prospect Hill Monument, also known as Prospect Hill Tower, is a historic stone tower monument erected on the site of a Revolutionary War and Civil War battleground. The Grand Union Banner, which is said to be the flag that George Washington hoisted on the location, is now flying from the building, which was constructed in 1904. Prospect Hill is located on the summit of a hill, as the name suggests. There are a number of locations around the area that provide magnificent views of the metropolitan skyline. If you're fortunate enough to own a home with one of these views, you'll undoubtedly enjoy watching the sunrise light up the city.


Prospect Hill is a very well community with all of the amenities a family might desire. Somerville High School, located just north of the suburb, is one of several schools in the region. There are many public parks in the neighborhood, and to the south is a bustling business district centered on Somerville Avenue.


Prospect Hill real estate consists of a mix of single-family and multi-family houses with the traditional New England Cottage-style architecture seen throughout Boston. Steepled roofs, Hardiplank walls, Edwardian facades with three windows on each level, and brick foundations with a basement are all features of these homes. In modern house building, multi-level layouts are popular, with some larger homes having as many as four or five stories. The bigger homes in the neighborhood may be converted into flats, potentially providing income for purchasers wanting to invest in the region. The neighborhood's property values range from $800,000 to $1.5 million. 


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Business Opportunities 

At sunset, you must see the Prospect Hill Monument. The city of Somerville has put a lot of effort into revitalizing the park that surrounds the historical landmark. Many of the homes in this neighborhood have been meticulously preserved and retain their historical beauty. NU Kitchen is a fantastic health-conscious café that you'll love!


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Important Considerations

The hills...they truly do appear out of nowhere! The next time you go for a leisurely jog, keep this in mind.


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Somerville, MA Market Report:

Households: 32,802
Median Listing Home Price: $840,000
Median Listing Home Price Per Sqft: $579
Median Rent: $2,600
Average Days on Market: 85
Home Ownership Percentage: 33.6%

Somerville, MA Community Report:

Population: 81,366
Average Household Income: $117,141
Median Age: 31.3
Associate's Degree or Higher: 7.65%
Elderly Percentage: 8.96%
Cost of Living Score: 169.9


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