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Tufts is a suburban area in Somerville, Massachusetts, located just south of Tufts University. Warner Street, College Avenue, Holland Street, Curtis Street, and Boston Avenue are among the neighborhood's boundaries. Beautiful residential neighborhoods, several public parks, and the many academic buildings on the campus to the north make up the suburb. Beautiful mature trees border the streets, giving a lovely suburban environment with great curb appeal. Colonial Revival, Queen Anne, and New England designs are among the classic architectural styles seen in Boston. These features all contribute to the creation of a distinct domestic atmosphere that purchasers will undoubtedly love. Tufts is a lovely campus community with excellent housing alternatives for the numerous students and professionals who work at the neighboring university. The houses in the neighborhood are well-built, and the streets are bordered with trees and well-kept front porches. There are several public parks in the area, providing residents with numerous chances to remain active. The neighborhood is also close to Downtown Boston and the region's major business, retail, and commercial sectors.


Tufts real estate consists of a cluster of lovely three- to four-story townhouses lined up along lovely suburban streets. These houses are usually two to four stories tall and feature a basement. The size of these homes spans from 1,200 to 3,500 square feet, with property values ranging from $1 million to $2 million. The average home built in these sites was built in the early twentieth century, with many of them have had extensive renovations and modifications over the years. Homes in Tufts, like many other homes in Somerville, have smaller floor plans, which were typical in homes built during the 1900s and 1930s. Because of the value they give and the beauty of the location, the majority of the houses are also extremely expensive. Certain of the apartments in the neighborhood have been converted into multi-family homes, with duplexes and triplexes being viable options for some purchasers interested in the neighborhood. Wood plank front porches, a living room with a fireplace, a tiny kitchen, numerous bedrooms, and a number of baths are all common elements in the region. For individuals searching for a more modest-sized house in the region, smaller options are available. Residents of the community have access to street parking as well as a side-entry driveway with plenty of room for numerous vehicles.


The suburb is a wonderful bedroom neighborhood for both students and employees because it is located near Tufts University. Many sports facilities, libraries, and other university buildings are within walking distance of residents. There are many nice property alternatives in the neighborhood to consider, whether you want to live close to the university or want to buy a rental home to take advantage of the transitory population that attends the institution. Please contact our team now to learn more about available homes for sale in Tufts or to arrange a tour of the neighborhood.


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Business Opportunities 

Tufts University's attractive and well-kept campus will appeal to you. The houses are spacious, and the streets are charming.


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Important Considerations

Students at all levels, including undergraduates, graduate students, Ph.D. candidates, Doctorate candidates, Professors, administrators, and more! For investors, there is a lot of possibilities for rental revenue.


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Somerville, MA Market Report:

Households: 32,802
Median Listing Home Price: $840,000
Median Listing Home Price Per Sqft: $579
Median Rent: $2,600
Average Days on Market: 85
Home Ownership Percentage: 33.6%

Somerville, MA Community Report:

Population: 81,366
Average Household Income: $117,141
Median Age: 31.3
Associate's Degree or Higher: 7.65%
Elderly Percentage: 8.96%
Cost of Living Score: 169.9


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