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Community and Real Estate Information

Medford Center is a neighborhood in Medford, Massachusetts, located directly east of West Medford and west of Glenwood and Wellington. S Border Road to the north, Northern Expressway to the east, the Mystic River to the south, and Governors Avenue to the east define the boundaries of this area. The southern riverside part of this neighborhood serves as Medford's major downtown district, including government offices, a shopping mall, and other office buildings. The residential section of the neighborhood, which is made up of different suburban single-family dwellings, is located to the north of this region. Residents in Medford benefit from easy access to schools, shopping, restaurants, public parks, a hospital, and a variety of other local businesses due to its central location. Near Medford Center, there are also two river crossings that connect to South Medford and the city of Somerville.


The bulk of residences in Medford Center were built during the region's large suburban expansion in the early 1900s and are Colonial-style homes. The majority of them have been rebuilt and updated throughout time, but many still maintain the original plan and design of homes erected at the time. There are also some replacement properties built in the 1950s and some new development completed in the 2000s around the town. Despite the fact that these houses are newer, they nevertheless have Colonial Revival style, which is the norm in the area. The community's single-family house designs range from two to five bedrooms, one to three baths, and 1,200 to 4,000 square feet of living area. Property prices range from $400,000 to $1 million, with most houses now on the market priced around $600,000. The majority of the homes in the community have larger lots, with wonderful forested grounds at the back of the house being a frequent element throughout.


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Business Opportunities 

You'll like the maintained beauty of a historic village. There are a variety of alternatives available, ranging from Victorian single-family houses to condominiums, so you may find the ideal match. The new Medford Public Library will be cutting-edge and a new gathering place for many members of the community and future generations. Over the next several years, you may expect town-wide capital upgrades as a resident!


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Important Considerations

The older homes in Medford feature generous square footage, which has resulted in a price premium. Include the expenses of upgrades and maintenance in your budgeting.


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Medford, MA Market Report:

Households: 22,917
Median Listing Home Price: $717,000
Median Listing Home Price Per Sqft: $406
Median Rent: $2,200
Average Days on Market: 99
Home Ownership Percentage: 56.2%

Medford, MA Community Report:

Population: 56,915
Average Household Income: $120,481
Median Age: 35.3
Associate's Degree or Higher: 59.42%
Elderly Percentage: 8.96%
Cost of Living Score: 157.0


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