How Much Does Residential Drug Rehab Cost, and Can You Afford It?

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One of the very first concerns you'll undoubtedly have if you're thinking about getting professional help for a drug and alcohol issue is, "How much would it charge? The truth is that among the most common reasons why people are afraid of getting drug addiction rehab or treatment is the cost or expense. If you are planning for drug addiction rehab for yourself or your loved one, you must know about the factors changing the cost. Here we are sharing all the details about residential drug rehab treatment and the cost associated with it. 


The residential rehabilitation treatment costs could vary greatly depending upon many things. The average monthly expense of a private program is nearly $17,000. The amount paid by insurance varies, and many patients have to pay a considerable percentage of the cost out of pocket. Corporate, celebrity, pro athlete, and other high-profile individuals, can pay anywhere from $26,000 to $100,000 monthly for high-end luxury treatments.


Some government-funded rehabs would provide free services, while celebrity-favorite rehabs can cost upwards of $80,000. The cost of a treatment program varies depending on the following factors:


  • Location
  • Type of facility 
  • Treatment programs 
  • Number of patients in the program
  • Length of treatment 
  • Amenities 


Alcohol Addiction Treatment with Insurance


The Affordable Care Act (ACA) made it a requirement for health insurance plans to cover drug and alcohol addiction. Private healthcare insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, state-funded medical insurance, and army insurance are examples of this. You could also be eligible for disability insurance for alcoholism residential treatment in several states. You can look for the best rehab centers in Des Moines that are accepting health insurance coverage. 


Since your health insurance provider pays alcohol treatment charges based on predetermined guidelines, it's essential to comprehend your coverage. Some insurance providers only pay up to 30 days of inpatient treatment, which would be insufficient to help somebody who was abusing drugs for 20 years or more.


Types of Addiction Treatment


The sort of treatment provided by a rehab has an impact on the overall expense of getting clean. Various addictions require different methods of treatment. The expense of rehab is influenced by a variety of factors, including medical treatment and amenities. The expenses reported by studies and particular facilities are used to create the corresponding estimates.


Individuals on the road to recovery should be provided with the time, space, and resources they require to concentrate on themselves and their health. Since it provides clients with a safe, controlled, and sober setting away from daily distractions and cravings, inpatient care is a highly successful form of addiction therapy.


Medical care must also be offered in residential programs, which indicates that a physician and/or nurse must be on duty or even on call at all times. 


Medical Detoxification is the first stage of the entire rehabilitation process, for which the person is washed of the contaminant’s leftover from drug abuse. A good medical detox results in the person no longer having any medical concerns as a result of not taking these drugs or drinking the alcohol in a more comfortable manner. This patient is prepared to go to a residential treatment facility.


Inpatient Rehab


Because of the factors influencing rehab stated above, the cost of inpatient treatment programmes can vary more than almost any other type of addiction treatment. For 30-day programmes, inpatient recovery can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000; possibly the best, luxury rehabs could charge upwards of $100,000 for 30-, 60-, and 90-day periods. Insurance, on the other hand, can significantly reduce these expenditures. If you want the assistance of the best inpatient drug rehab in Nebraska, you must look for the services online. 


Length of Treatment Required


Whenever you initially enter alcohol or drug treatment, you should undergo an evaluative assessment, during which a counsellor will provide a suggestion for how long you must stay in therapy and have the best chance of reaching your aims.


If you are judicially into treatment, you are the one who decides how long you will stay.

Although the evaluator may advise you to commit to a 90-day residential program, you will be the one to determine how long you need to stay in the program.


It's feasible that all you need now is a quick detox followed by a brief time of monitoring and medication if needed. In the long run, the benefits of participating in a good rehab program will outweigh the effort. An addict cannot commence the recovery process unless they have received the assistance, they require to conquer their addiction. Put money into your or a loved one's future and get in touch with the experienced as well as reputed rehab facilities available near you. If you want you can also seek professional help to diagnose the addiction problem. 


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