3 Pest Control Tips to Keep Your Home Infestation Free

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There is nothing worse than finding that bugs have invaded your home, whether it be ants, spiders, or even the dreaded cockroach. They move in as if they own the place, causing a homeowner to pull out all the stops to remove them. You spray, you clean, and then vacuum. You feel confident that you've gotten them. Once they're gone, though, how do you make sure that they don't come back?


Here are three pertinent actions you can take to ensure your home remains free of unwelcome pests and critters.


1- Remove all easy points of entry

Every house has tiny cracks and crevices around doors and windows. Use caulk or spray insulation to seal up these small access areas. You can also add weatherstripping around the entrances to deter bug activity as well as reduce drafts.


Examine your screens for holes that are perfect portals for bug entry. Replace or repair them as needed. Take a good look along your baseboards too. A small bead of caulk might go a long way in keeping bugs out.


2- Starve them out in the kitchen

The kitchen is a hotspot for bug activity. Tiny crumbs and bits of food can end up in places we don't readily notice, creating a perfect buffet for unwanted dinner guests. Make the time to thoroughly clean all areas and keep food products wrapped up tight. It also helps to wash dishes and cooking pans immediately after eating.


Don't forget about pet food and water, as many bugs are attracted to them. Make sure the floor is swept as well around pet eating areas. Many small crumbs may end up there, resulting in a bug invasion.


3- Eliminate any water issues

Bugs need water just as much as humans do. Leaky pipes will draw them in like a bee to honey. Even the sink and bathtub drains are a haven for flies. Add some drain cleaner to eliminate them.


Take time to examine every pipe in your house. Look under the sinks, and don't forget the pipes coming in from the outside. You can use spray insulation around incoming lines to stop bug entry. Remember to check the hose to the ice maker as well.


Another area where bugs may congregate is around the washing machine hoses. If they're not connected tightly, even a minute leak will draw in bugs. Also, air conditioners drip water and can be a beacon to thirsty critters.


Keeping your home bug-free doesn't have to be complicated, expensive, or even impossible. There are many other actions you can take to keep bugs at bay.

For example:

  • Don't store firewood next to the house

  • Keep areas around your home debris-free

  • Make sure the attic is dry with no roof leaks

  • Use a dehumidifier in a damp basement


All of these processes will help ensure that bugs won't find your home appealing. Ultimately, you can also create a chemical barrier with products that add that second level of protection for your home.


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John Pusa
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Hello David Jackson, MBA these are very good list of pest control tips to keep a home infestation free.

Jul 26, 2021 04:56 PM