Signs from God about relationships

Industry Observer with Justine Mfulama

I still remember my very first relationship and breakup, I was 19 and my boyfriend of 9 months broke up with me. 


I was heartbroken and thought that I would die. The pain was insupportable and every morning I felt like somebody had just rammed a dagger into my heart.  

Since that very first time, I’ve gone through that feeling of premature death many more times. 

And every time I ask myself how did I get here? Did I really mistake every red flag as a sign God wants me to be with someone?


Maybe, maybe not. 


Either way, I have learned that God is clear in his guidance and that he will let you know early on if someone is not the one. 

He will send us signs, people, and circumstances that are clearly divinely orchestrated. And even if we can’t tell at first, once things are over it often makes sense. 

However, to save you some time and heartbreak, I decided to share 3 signs from God about relationships, that will protect you from a devastating breakup. 


In my experience, the number one sign that God is telling you to let go of someone is that you will not have peace about the relationship. A lot of times we can sense that something is wrong before anything ever happens.

Our intuition, as I always say, is the Holy Spirit working inside of us. So, listening to him rather than ignoring him will keep you on the right path.


Another obvious sign that God does not approve of the relationship, is that you will be out of alignment. No matter, how hard you try to plan things or merge your lives, for some reason things just never work out.  

If it feels like you always have to struggle to be with your man, then that is a sign that God is breaking up the relationship. 


The last very apparent sign from God about relationships is that he will send people in your life that will confirm your doubts. If you constantly need reassurance that your lover is The One but don’t get it, then it’s oftentimes God speaking through them

Because you may be able to ignore your own gut feeling, but you won’t be able to blend out friends and family forever. 


Thankfully, breakups are not necessarily a bad thing. 

A lot of the time they happen, because God is protecting you from a bad relationship and making space for the right man to enter your life. 


If you pay close attention to the signs from God about relationships, you will usually find that He will show you that someone is not for you before it takes a turn for the worse.


After all, nobody wants to get a divorce, break up with kids involved, or move out of a shared apartment. You want to be in a loving and healthy relationship with a loving, God-fearing man.


Have you experienced any of these signs from God about relationships? I certainly have. 

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