Can Window Cleaning Scratch Windows

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It’s one of the biggest fears of many homeowners - scratching their windows.


You can spend hours on cleaning your windows, making them look shiny and enhancing the beauty of your home before knowing that they’re scratched - badly!


So, it begs the question: what did you do wrong to scratch your windows? How can you repair it? And what can you do next time to avoid such a situation?


This blog post has the answers you’re dying to know!

Can Window Cleaning Scratch My Windows?


Yes, you can scratch your windows when cleaning them. While not overly common, using the wrong tools and cleaning method can result in major damage to your windows.

Why Does it Happen?


There are multiple reasons why your windows can be scratched during cleaning. Let’s take a look at the main ones below:

  • Cleaning the windows dry - You’ll be surprised at how often this happens. If you clean your windows without water, you can risk scratching them as there is no liquid for the smooth movements. Make sure you always use a wet or damp cloth or paper towel.

  • Using the razor-blade method - For a long time, people considered the “razor blade method” - using a razor blade to scrub off debris and marks - as a go-to form of cleaning. Unfortunately, in many cases, this causes scratched glass as the blade cuts deep in the finer layers of the glass. It’s best to avoid this method.

  • Defective, cheaper and older windows - Poorly-made windows tend to scratch easier than others due to the inadequate manufacturing standards. They are more susceptible to scratches than higher quality glass. It’s always advisable to invest in high-quality windows to avoid such scratches.

  • Natural wear and tear - Everything breaks down over time, so it makes sense that your windows will start to wear and tear. Just be careful when you’re cleaning them.

  • External factors - Flying soccer balls, branches, hail, rain and winds can all scratch your windows, leaving a mark. Try to keep your windows protected when possible.

How Do I Repair the Scratches?


If you have a minor and surface-level scratch, you can try a few of these tips to fix it up:


  • Apply toothpaste or nail polish to the scratched area. Just make sure it is cleaned and dry before applying them. Wait for 30 minutes to an hour before cleaning it. Do it again if needed.

  • You can use a fine grade steel wool to buff the glass and remove some scratches from the surface layer. Just slowly apply it to the damaged area.

  • Use cerium oxide, a commercial buffing compound that will remove the scratch from the glass. Moist the area you want to repair, before polishing it. Then apply the cerium oxide to a cloth and wipe the scratched area for several minutes. Repeat it until the scratches are gone.


However, if you have severe or deep scratches (which can classified as a crack in some cases), there are three options:


  1. Use a window repair kit. Make sure you buy a high-quality and reliable brand that gives you the results you want without the extra hassle. Be careful when doing it, as you might end up injuring yourself

  2. Hire a professional. Hiring a professional means you’re bound to get the window repaired - and cleaned - quick time and with minimal hassles. Although it might cost you a tad.

  3. Replace the window. The most drastic action, but if your window is severely scratched and damaged, it could be the best choice for you. In some cases, replacement is cheaper than the repairs itself!

How Do I Avoid it Next Time?


The best way to avoid any scratching on your windows is to hire professional window cleaners (


Having professional window cleaners managing the job for you, guarantees that your windows will remain in pristine condition. They will take care of your windows, using the right tools, cleaning products (they get access to more powerful and more organic products than us folks) and equipment, ensuring that there will be no scratches afterwards.


Just make sure that you consider the following factors when hiring a professional window cleaner:


  • Their experience in the field

  • Their reputation, customer service and workmanship (Google and Facebook reviews and ratings can point you in the right direction)

  • The pricing structure of their services (are they a flat fee or hourly?) and if they offer bundle deals that can save you money

  • Their cleaning methods (an underrated but more important point to note!)

Make sure you take the time to find the right window cleaners, so you’re guaranteed the cleanest windows in the neighborhood - without any scratches!


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