Why Renovate Your House in Summer

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The debate is always ongoing: what’s the best time of year to renovate your house? It can be a tricky one to decide as there are multiple factors at play. But let’s get creative for the moment and visualize these two images:


The first shows a dark sky, snow coming down; it’s cold, and the home renovators need a tad more time to get your renovations completed.


The second shows nice and clear skies, the sunshine is out, the weather is in perfect condition, and the renovators are nailing your renovations within the requested time frame.


So, which image best suits your renovation dreams?


If you choose the first, then that’s a winter renovation job, and while you can still get your renovations completed in time and perfectly, it can be a bit of a hassle.


Compare that to the second image, which is a summertime renovation. It’s clean, easy and streamlined. And it’s for this reason - and the many more we have below - on why summertime is the most popular time of year for homeowners to commence (and hopefully finish) their renovations.


Let’s take a deeper look at why summer is the best time for home renovations, which renovations are best during the season, and how to find the perfect company for the job.


Why Renovate Your Home in Summer


Don’t let the “summer is too busy for renovators” and “more demand” rumours derail our plans. You’ll find that your renovation projects will be a smooth and simple process in the best season of the year.


Life Slows Down - So More Time

Despite the busyness of the season - people tend to be more outgoing during the warmer months - summer is usually a slower time of the year for both families and renovators. As families take off for holidays, you’ll find that renovators have more time on their hands to help you with your projects.


With a more relaxed schedule, you’ll have more time to work with the renovators to plan out your renovations, considering each aspect, such as materials and timeframe, before setting up a date to commence the project. You’ll enjoy this preparation time more than ever before.


Longer Days & Better Weather

In Alberta, summer days tend to last a lifetime, which means that contractors have more time to focus on your project. As the sun sets later and later, the crew has more time to put in on those days where things need to get done before the sun sets. You’ll find that your project will be completed in time due to the contractors having more time to work for you.


Fewer Weather Delays….

Summer is the ideal time to ensure that projects are completed in time and with minimal hassle. That is mainly due to the beautiful weather. Although there are some days where the weather might get erratic (including extreme heat or storms) and therefore delay your project, in most cases, the summer weather is ideal for renovations, compared to the cold, snowy days of winter.


...And Less Costs & Problems

As most renovators typically charge per hour (or establish an estimate of how long a project will take), weather-related delays can cause project costs to increase over time. You’ll find that you might end up paying more by the time that your renovation is complete due to the delays.


There is also the fact that more problems can arise during winter renovations (e.g. large amounts of snow, wet materials, construction issues) that can delay the project and incur more costs.


In summer, you’ll find fewer issues and delays, meaning fewer costs down the road.


Best Renovations for the Summer

As you can see, there are many advantages to renovating your house in the summer. But it also brings up another question: which renovation should you choose for summer?


While you can renovate your bathroom, basement or kitchen, these types of projects can be handled in the winter with minimal fuss as they are indoors and do not require extensive outdoor activities or work. Therefore, it’s best to save these renovations for the winter.


As for the summer, it’s best to focus on exterior renovations, extensions and unique outdoor living spaces. Some ideas can include the following:


  • Creating outdoor living rooms and spaces, such as full feature kitchens, fireplaces and patios

  • Roof replacements and repair, as well as siding, soffit, fascia, & gutters replacement or installation

  • Windows and doors are great to be replaced during this type

  • Framing and masonry is better done during the summertime


Another great idea for a home renovation is a complete home renovation, which means renovating the home section by section. The extensive work required by this project needs more time, which is perfect for the summer months. Renovations can be implemented and completed during this period, allowing ample time to correct any issues that arise during the construction.


The Perfect Company for Summertime Renovations


Many renovators are ready to help you with your requests and requirements and will launch into action when you need them. Just make sure that when you hire a renovation company, you consider the following factors:


  • Their experience in the industry (anything about 15 years is fantastic; more than 30 is the gold-class standard) and success rate (how good their work is)

  • If they can complete your project within your timeframe and budget

  • What previous customers say about their work, customer service and finished projects (Google and Facebook reviews and references from the company themselves are great starting points)

  • If they have any awards to their name (the more, the better, but check what types of awards they’ve won)


There are plenty of renovators out there, so you should take the time to find the perfect company for your needs. You want the best team for the job during the best time for renovations.

Take Advantage of Summertime Now

Don’t let the best months of the year for renovations fly past you. Make sure you take advantage of the beautiful weather by researching, planning and executing your home renovations projects. Before winter comes around, you’ll have a fabulous new home!


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