Are Decks Required to Have Railings?

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Of all the different sorts of upgrades and additions you can have put onto your existing home, perhaps none is as exciting as an outdoor deck. Sure, a new kitchen is nice, but you have always had a kitchen. An extra bathroom might come in handy, but it's only a bathroom. A new deck gives you a legitimate opportunity to create an outdoor living space that's attached to the home. For many people, this is an absolutely priceless upgrade. There's just so much you can do with a deck, from having a purely observational deck to doing something like creating an outdoor kitchen or a platform for a hot tub. The options are limitless.


This is why so many people are going to places like McLean Railings today to find out what their options are. Overall, decks are far more affordable than any other sort of addition you'd put on the home and even cheaper than most renovation projects are going to be. They're also a lot easier to get done and much easier to get permits for than structural projects with the home. Speaking of permits, however, are there any limitations to what you can do? For instance, are deck railings something you need on your deck, or can you go without them?


Permits and What's Legally Required

Whether or not you need railings for your deck depends on how high it is off the ground. For decks that sit on the ground, level with your yard (basically just extensions of your porch), you can get a permit to build one of these without railings attached. However, once you get up over the 30-inch mark (76 centimetres), any permit you get for building a deck is going to ultimately require that you attach railings.


It's a safety issue, pure and simple. Sure, a lot of people might be upset that they need to seek the government's permission to build the sort of deck they want, but there have been so many accidents and lawsuits over the years that there's basically not any other choice than to require deck railings on raised projects. Too many people act irresponsibly, and now everyone has to abide by the standards. So, if you need rails, it's important you get them from the right supplier.


The Importance of Quality Railing Companies


Having Things Professionally Installed

Do you know a lot about construction and how to properly install a deck and the rails along with it? Not many people have this expertise and a lot of people who try to pull this off as a DIY project just end up failing and doing shoddy work. The professionals who sell you the rails are the best people to come and install everything for you. It's what they do for a living, so they're great at it.


Ensuring the Best Quality

You also want to ensure that the deck and rails you get are of the absolute best quality. By going with a top-shelf vendor, you're getting rails that are not only made of the best materials but also protected through a warranty. Your rails will be guaranteed to hold up for many years to come.


Getting Customized Options

You might also want something that's very custom and speaks to your style and tastes, and it could be the case that pre-fab options just aren't what you're after. The best companies selling these rails will allow you to create a customized order. This is a big deal for many people.


Receiving Fast Service

Then there's the fact that going with the best means that you're getting the best service. Part of getting the best service is to have expedient service. When you go with a reputable vendor, they show up quicker to do the work, so you can just enjoy your deck at an earlier date.

You might not always need rails for your deck, and you might not even want them. However, if rails are something that you're going to get, then it's good to go with the best name in the business so that you benefit from the purchase.


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