WHAT WE KNOW FOR SURE (life ponder)

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The answer to the title of the posting is so stunningly obvious you will be relieved instantly upon hearing the answer which is this: Whatever is being submitted to you! No need to think it into reality but to invite and act on the present moments input which is so full of activity one could not chart or list it. This would be impossble. What makes our role possible is this....


What should concern you is your business which unfolds before you without effort. Think back to childhood or go & observe pre-schoolers to get this point of simplicity simply presented. No pause, hesistation or confusion in behavior or action is present in children. Instead, a living out of what comes up in that moment. It is called by many names however I'll pick one to further the point


Spontaneous wonder is given and received and we respond with a behavior called play or playing. Our response is not rehearsed or thought driven NO. It is just referred to as participation & is very rewarding. Children cannot get enough of this & if you consider with pause, why shouldnt this....


Little children will play until they tire and then just fall asleep where they are with the last moment of being aware consisting of pleasant thoughts. As a rule, they won't even want to eat while having fun making adults give them a time-out (rest) or "lunch period". 


At some point perhaps subtle, suddenly or timely, we children are introduced to responsbility which is the next phase of our development. We still love our memories, past times & time-out but now we must take & set aside a portion of our lives for an intended purpose better known as....


In this phase, if done correctly, we don't mind the shifting the phase and with proper coaching and nurturing start on a journey of discovering what we would like or should to do, why & when & if not clear allows us to discover plus inquire while we journey. Called learning as you go, it satisfies


The natural process of a human-being evolving correctly is directly connected to the environment they are in and practice. The end result of living in a "safe zone" is predictable. But what if it wasnt consistent and was fraught with intruder dynamics, uncorrected errors or loss of innocense? 


There are Universal laws that are non-negotiable & are in place that when violated create a lesser world we fall into called cause & effect. But if the laws of the Universe are obeyed, the big picture dynamics unfold. The bottom line theme? We were not put here to be defeated thus life goes on


If the dynamics of complications are willingly introduced perhaps we are being trained & set-up for the unknown & the prevailing in that mode. However human beings tend to complicate their lives without meaning too making for a difficult & less rewarding life journey. Why do we do this?


Sound familar? This statement is no myth. No one has been here before. Life is an unfolding event. Nature proves this out. Our thinking process only allows us to advance so far but we are more than our thoughts, emotions & five senses much more. Our spiritual life force needs respect


We are complex in our make-up but not in the living of and in the life journey. The spirit within man is the core-driver and takes its nourishment from the soul of a human being. Feed the soul and we feed everything. Neglect your spiritual existence and a dull ache with conflict visits to remind you of this potent and necessary point. Other "free" dynamics exist to further it too

FAITH: The ability to know withot proof or existence of well-being and outcome if wanted

CONSCIENCE: A life-long friend to the end watching, guiding and ready to speak love & correction

RIGHTEOUSNESS: The doing of the right thing for its own sake is truly manna from heaven

SATISFACTION: When we are on track, we are satisfied and content in the moment thank you


The here and now is no myth. Life is deliberate and not accidental. You only have to look around anywhere on this planet to see this point proved out. A glance at other planets & places supports it too. Seek the part you play or don't and KNOW that is how simple it all is and was intended to be

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