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Real Estate Geographic Farming from a Homeowner’s Perspective

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If you want to be successful in your geographic farm, it’s essential to understand the perspective of homeowners in that area.

  • How are they perceiving you?
  • How are they getting to know you?
  • How are they positioning you in their minds as compared to other agents?

For example, say you focus on a geo farm and your approach is to mail a marketing piece every once in a while, and occasionally some door knocking.

What is that going to look like from a homeowner’s perspective?

A homeowner might see and take some interest in your flyer but one-off flyers are unlikely to build your reputation as the area’s go-to agent.

To a homeowner in your real estate geographic farm, your random flyer isn’t making you stand out much.

The same is true of occasionally door knocking. Yes, making that personal connection is effective. But if door knocking is all you’re relying on to become number one in your geographic farm, you’re in for a disappointment. Even if you had a wonderful five-minute chat at someone’s doorstep, they might not hear from you again for months. You risk that homeowner forgetting that conversation ever happened.

Now let’s look at a different scenario.

Say you have a comprehensive geographic farming system that keeps you in constant touch with homeowners. They receive a monthly geo farming newsletter featuring a personal greeting from you, your branding, market updates, how-to tips and articles, and more.

Each month homeowners hear from you in this value-packed way, in addition to occasional phone calls and visits, and perhaps an annual community event, which you host.

From a homeowner’s perspective, what does that look like?

To them, it looks like you’re:

  • The agent they hear from most often.
  • The agent they’re most likely to recognize in the neighbourhood.
  • The agent who adds value (via helpful updates and content.)
  • The agent they’ve gotten to know well.
  • The agent they see as someone who specializes in the area.
  • The agent they feel most comfortable calling to ask questions and get real estate help.
  • The agent who stands out from other agents in the area.

When you look at real estate geographic farming from a homeowner’s perspective, the recipe for success is clear. Use a real estate marketing system that keeps you in touch with residents in your geo farm and consistently positions you as the area’s go-to agent.


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