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New Realtors: Does Your Real Estate Marketing Plan Match Your Vision?

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Chances are, as you were working towards your real estate license, you formed a vision for what you want your career to look like in three to five years. You might have even set some ambitious goals regarding clients, income, how you’ll spend your workdays, etc.

But have you ever met an agent who complained that being a Realtor wasn’t what they thought it would be?

You probably have.

So what happened with that person?

It’s important you know because you don’t want to work hard for years, only to end up at a place in your career that’s the antithesis of what you imagined. So let’s explore that question.

Take a closer look at where you want to be in three to five years. Be specific. How do you want to be spending your time? Why types of clients do you want to be working with? How many deals each month do you want to be handling?

Also, pay particular attention to how you’ll get new real estate clients. That’s important because the methods you use to get real estate leads play an enormous role in what your day-to-day will be like as a Realtor.

Right now, digital marketing and online leads are all the talk in the real estate industry. In fact, you might be feeling the pressure to subscribe to an online real estate lead-generating service or buy a website service that promises real estate leads.

But with that approach, where will you be in three to five years?

Actually, it’s predictable. You’ll be spending most of your time chasing competitive leads and trying to close them. That might be what turns you on. If it doesn’t, however, you’re on an express train to a future where your day-to-day is no fun at all (to put it mildly!)

As you can see, how you decide to market your services — your real estate marketing system — is crucial.

Here’s another example.

Say your vision is to get most of your new business through real estate agent referrals from your network. You don’t want to be pouring money into an online lead service and desperately running down real estate leads. Attracting real estate referrals mean you’re talking to people already interested in working with you. And as your business grows, you get more and more referrals each year. Your day-to-day is spent chatting with high-quality real estate leads, working with clients, selling properties, and making deals happen.

Your vision.

How will you make that vision a reality? Again, it’s tied closely to how you decide to market your real estate services. In this case, you’ll need a proven real estate marketing system that will maximize referrals from your network. (Good news, you can get that here.)

Bottom line: Make sure your real estate marketing matches your vision. The right marketing approach will take you where you want to go in your career. The wrong approach will take you… well… somewhere else!