3 Ways to Spruce up the Interior of Your Home

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Redecorating can be a great way to breathe new life into your home. After walking into the same space day after day, you may look for new ways to transform a space and make it new again. When you decide to redecorate your home, you want to put your personal stamp on your space to make it as unique as you are.


Here are a few ways you can spruce up your home’s interior to make it unique and beautiful.


Floating Bookshelves

If you want to display your books in a more creative method than just putting them on a bookshelf, a floating bookshelf is a fun way to display them. To do this, you screw two metal L-shaped brackets into your wall, then take a hardcover book and cut small slits in the book jacket and slide the book in, giving it the illusion that the book is floating. From there, you can stack more books on top of it; four to six books per “shelf” is the best rule of thumb to make sure you do not put too much weight on your shelves. 


Stone Veneer

The look of natural stacked stone or bricks is a great aesthetic, but it is expensive to have installed, it takes a few days, and you have to have a specialist help you to put it together.

Enter stone veneer.It looks like natural stone or bricks but it comes in one-inch-thick panels and only weighs one pound per square foot – compared to the eight to 12 pounds per square foot that natural stone weighs. This is also DIY-friendly and you can install it in a weekend.

You can also use the stone in this way, add it to the bathroom for a more elegant look, wrap it around the kitchen bar, and more. It is highly versatile, so you can use it in any way to make your home look great.


Vertical Storage

One thing most people need in their homes is more storage. Sometimes the best way to do that is to get creative with the walls. None of these things are traditional for storage use, but they are all simple and you can do them on your own.While the first thing that comes to mind with pegboards for storage is the toolshed, you can use them in the house too. You can paint them to match the room they are being put in or give your kids an art project so they can be involved in the process to.Another cute and unique thing for vertical storage is rain gutters. These are easy to install, you just need some gutters, end caps, and something to cut the gutters down to the size you want. 








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