Did You See What Happened Last Month?

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With all that has happened the past few years, months, or weeks, can you believe this? And I didn’t hear anyone talk about it. Then too… News is something I do not even know how to spell anymore. 

   Imagine, no one talking about this to my knowledge. Maybe one station when they were giving the weather report said something. But I don’t watch the weather either. For Phoenix it is six months either HOT or HEAT, (but it is a dry heat) the other six months it is just right. NO hurricanes, NO tornadoes, NO earthquakes, NO sleet, NO ice, NO snow, now rain? Five days ago, it rained for three days, the most we had seen in 15 months… Lightning, thunder, rain coming down in sheets as we used to call it. It was wonderful, everyone out looking up, waving, singing, saying: “hi rain, glad to see you.”

    Other cities around the country you name it you get it: Hail, wind, rain, tornadoes, hurricanes, snow, fog, earthquakes, ice some of you get some of these regularly.

    This not only happened in Phoenix but all around the country yes Hawaii and Arizona who do not patriciate in daylight savings time. And all other states do have daylight savings time. We all shared in the longest day of the year. By the way that saving time think…So you know, we know, no one saves more time in those forty-eight states, than we do here in Arizona or Hawaii. 

Why don't you all switch back? 

I hope your day is as great as mine.


I hope your day is as great as mine.

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