Seven Expert Tips to Choose Sideboards and Buffets

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Sideboards and buffets are an essential or ultimate part of your kitchen and dining room. When it comes to choosing sideboards and buffets, make sure that you make the most of your investment. They should fit well in the surroundings based on the theme, design, and color selection.

Here are seven expert tips mentioned to help you choose sideboards and buffets.




You should know the dimensions of the space where you are going to place sideboards or buffets. Even if you want to rearrange your room, make sure that you know which piece will go where exactly. If you don’t know the dimensions beforehand, you are likely going to buy the wrong sized sideboard or buffet that can make the room look clutter or it might not even fit in the first place.


Floor Support:


Since the buffet is the heaviest piece of furniture, make sure you place it on a durable floor that can hold it for longer. If you have any doubts or concerns regarding the strength of the floor, you must pick the right type of sideboard and buffet. However, it is better if you get the floor changed before making such a heavy addition to the kitchen or dining area.




The color of the sideboards and buffets must match the color scheme of the kitchen or dining room. Otherwise, these furniture pieces will look out of place. For instance, if you have an elegant color scheme, you should go with black or white to complement the space. Dark brown will also do nicely as it gives a good first impression to the guests.




You should be clear about how you are going to use a sideboard and buffet. For instance, if you want to throw more casual dinner parties to arrange a variety of food items, you should go for a long and low buffet.




The material you choose for your sideboard or buffet is also going to make a huge difference. Wood sideboards are quite popular as they help add a natural element to the room. You can find a huge variety of wood from sleek white wood to rustic weather wood. Similarly, you can choose metal to add an industrial feel to your dining space. But it will require proper cleanliness if you want to make it look as fresh as new for a longer period.




The height of the sideboard or buffet should be not more than the kitchen counter. The ideal height is 36 inches, however, you can make it a little shorter or taller depending upon its usage. But you should avoid making it unusually tall or short as it can affect the appearance of the kitchen drastically.


Functional Features:


You should try to choose the most functional sideboards or buffets with unique features. For instance, if a buffet has side drawers, you can use them to store various things like plates, mats, napkins, and a lot more. You should also go for specialist features like a dry bar or a marble top.

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Hello Asad Malik these are very good list of expert tips to choose sideboards and buffets.

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