How Has Your Business Evolved or Changed?

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Once upon a time, back in 1987, I decided to start my own business.  Here is the story and here is my first carpet cleaning machine, that I still have that is a Bissell Carpet Cleaner that I bought for $150.00

I was living with my cousin at the time, in her condo and she had 2 big loveable sheepdogs that were consumed with fleas and our carpet was dirty so, I decided to call up a carpet cleaner to vacuum up the fleas and clean the carpet.  The fleas were absolutely consuming my biting and biting me.  They must have just loved my tasty blood because they acted like Dracula Fleas and boy, could they bite and gobble up on me.  Anyway, they were chomping on me like they were having a feast. I next got some Flea Dog Shampoo and decided to soap up with that and take a hot bath and then shower up.  Bad mistake.  The shampoo made things swell up big time.  I will not go into details on what they made swell up but my entire body looked puffy and other areas of my body look extra puffy.  Lol.  Anyway, when my cousin came home from work and she saw me, she started hollering and laughing and she thought it was hilarious.  Of course, I was fully clothed.  I told her that I had a problem and she said, by looking at me that I looked like a Dough Boy.  It really was not funny then but now I can laugh about it. I began to tell her that it had done something to a certain area of my body and that I was in pain.  After I told her, she laughed even more and thought the entire thing was funny.  It was not funny then, but I do laugh about it now.  Anyway, she laughed about it and I continued to deal with the pain.  I took more showers and took medication to reduce the swelling and days later I felt better.  Now, on to my story. Lol.

So, days later, I called a carpet cleaning company to clean the carpet and it looked better and smelled better but I thought I could certainly do a better job and I told my cousin so. I went out to Kmart and bought the machine above and went door to do, introducing myself to others.  When others saw my piece of equipment, and I am referring to my carpet cleaning device, they laughed hysterically at me.  You see this device, had to be plugged up to a sink to get my fresh water and was all I could afford at the time.  So, I went into a certified public accountants office and introduced myself and he offered me the opportunity to clean his carpet.  I went on to others and knocked on their door, just to introduce myself and people continued to laugh at me.  You see, I was only charging $5.00 a room back in 1987 to clean the carpet.  I continued doing this and even practiced on my car as well as the cars of others.  I also was at a home and was cleaning the carpet and my water broke.  My water line broke from the sink to the machine and water went everywhere.  Fortunately, the couple was gone for the entire day and I had the entire day to dry out the carpets and furniture before they arrived back home.  I completed cleaning all the carpets in the home, with the above machine, and thought to myself, I can clean up water now.  

I proceeded into water damage and extracting water from homes and upgraded my equipment for more powerful machines and machines that looked better and made my job easier.  Things were evolving.  I then bought a trunk mount unit and started cleaning carpets commercially and got into water damage and then, fire and smoke damage and then into really out homes and businesses.  One of the things, I noticed was that people had some Moldy, Molded.  Basically, so many people had moldy carpet and moldy padding from people who either flooded their carpet with water cleaning it or folks had water damage to their home and people did not dry out the carpet and padding or remove the carpet or padding and it got Musty or Moldy.  I thought to myself, can people not smell the musty smell or the moldy smell?  I find it hard to believe that so many people were living in a home that had mold or mustiness and they never said anything.

As time progressed, I offered Water Damage, Mold Inspections, and Mold Removal to others.  You see, my business evolved into doing so many different things but my passion is?  My utmost passion is MOLD REMOVAL!  You are probably thinking, what?  How in the world can anyone be passionate about MOLD REMOVAL or MOLD REMEDIATION.  I love it.  I get so excited for MOLD REMOVAL opportunities.  Actually, if I could do it for free and stay in business, I would gladly do so, but we all know that it takes money to stay in business.  You see, I love what I do and I love serving others.

Let us all reflect, how we each have evolved and how we started and where we are now.  I am sure that each of you has a story to tell and how you have evolved.  I hope that each of you who read this will add your paragraph on how you have evolved and how you have grown and what you have learned and your process of evolving. 

My name is David Snell and my passion is MOLD.  All things MOLD! Mold Inspections.  Mold Remediation. Mold Removal. You name it. Of course, I offer many other things as well.  For more info, just go to my web site and if you have a Mold Related question, please call me.  The call is free.  If you are too shy, to call, just email me or text me.  I will get back to you and answer your question or questions.  I will not charge you to talk to you on the phone.  I would love to hear your story.  I would even like to write about your WATER DAMAGE or MOLD REMOVAL story if you want to tell it to me.  Wink.

Until my next article.  Wink. 

David Snell




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