Paint Colors that aren't Gray

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It's understood that neutral paint colors like BM Balboa Mist and SW Agreeable Gray are the way to go, especially if you are selling a home. And I 100% agree with that, however, there is a world beyond neutral paint colors. Don't get me wrong, I'm a lover of neutral colors but I also love a fun color every now and again. SO I want to share a few of my favorite non-neutral paint colors.

1. Sherwin Williams Riverway

SW Riverway is a gorgeous teal color. It's definitely a bit more of a muted teal which makes it quite a usable color. I personally painted the exterior of my home in Riverway and I'm obsessed! It's not too dark yet it is dark enough. In my eyes, this color can do no wrong.

2. Benjamin Moore Caldwell Green

Caldwell Green is a gorgeous rich shade of green. It has a bit of blue in it so it's more of a green-blue. I'm a sucker for blue colors so of course, the green I like has some blue in it. Regardless of what I prefer. this is a fantastic color.

3. Sherwin Williams Faint Coral

Faint Coral is a soft, coral/pink paint color. It is a very pretty, and sophisticated color. I would also consider it to be a blush paint color. Colors like these are great for nurseries, bathrooms. doors, or pretty much anywhere. It's a great alternative to your typical neutral paint color.

Paint colors don't always have to be neutral. If you want a fun blue or green on your walls, why not? You can always stick to neutral decor and furnishing to keep everything balanced. 

Sometimes we get so intimidated by paint colors. And I get it, it is a bit overwhelming. But if you take the time to sample your paint colors in your home it will take most of the what-ifs out of the picture.

Life is way too short to play it safe. Do what makes you happy, decorate for you!


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