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A popular description of Laguna Beach in coastal Orange County, California, is as follows:

Seven miles of secluded coves and beautiful valleys surround the finest coastal resort in Southern California, Laguna Beach. All year round, we are a haven for art enthusiasts, outdoor explorers, beachgoers and romantics.

Laguna Beach is home to a renowned artist colony, which is considered "one of Orange County's hidden jewels." Visitors may discover sea caves, tidal pools, ocean side bluffs, natural tide pools, and sandy beaches within municipal boundaries. It also boasts "the most oceanfront accommodation in the country."


More than 20,000 acres of protected wilderness surround the city, making it an ideal place for adventurous exploration. We have world-class mountain bike routes for all skill levels, hiking trails that encompass hundreds of miles, panoramas that are breathtaking and green slopes that are home to marine sanctuaries.

Laguna Beach was the topic of the MTV reality show of the same name.

What a terrific list of reasons to visit Laguna Beach! Was it like to live there, though?


Laguna Beach at a Glance


Laguna Beach, California, has a population of around 23,000 people and is located about midway between Los Angeles and San Diego. One of California's top cities, it "offers a minimal suburban atmosphere" to its people. There are several restaurants, coffee shops, and parks to choose from.

Most of the people are conservative retirees who own their own houses, making up a substantial percentage of the population. Of addition, the public schools in Laguna Beach are well regarded.


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The Appeal

If you're looking for a place to unwind, Laguna Beach is the place for you." Even if you've lived here for decades, the secluded beach coves, green hillsides, seaside parks, and coastline hiking paths make you feel like you're making an escape. There are a variety of outdoor activities, as well as summer art events, wonderful restaurants and cafés, art galleries and shops. Cultural appreciation and a strong feeling of community are prevalent, and there is a genuine artistic vibe throughout.


One resident says, "It’s a special place . . . And everyone who lives here appreciates the beauty that surrounds us. It also doesn’t hurt that the average temperature is 72 degrees."


Housing Costs

It's no surprise that housing prices are high in this town because it's located on a lovely length of coastline, with breathtaking ocean views. With the community's accessibility, it's simple to see why costs are what they are today.

A modest cottage or ocean-view condo may be had for $700,000 to just under $1 million. In the hills, houses tend to sell for more than $2 million, while coastal properties may get over $50 million. Prices might vary greatly depending on the neighborhood you choose."
But according to Niche, the median house value is $1,771,600.



Laguna Beach is typically defined as "a town that's really one huge community made up of small neighborhoods that radiate out from the central center." Because each neighborhood is distinct, it might feel like a private community with its own unique characteristics. Here are a couple of those neighborhoods that you might want to consider visiting:


Three Arch Bay - This gated enclave is located in South Laguna and is an upscale area. Homes at Three Arch Bay have ocean views or are directly on the beach. Once people move in, they tend to remain."


Emerald Bay - Emerald Bay, another gated enclave in North Laguna, is another highly sought-after residential area. According to Zillow, "the median home price in Laguna Beach is slightly under $7 million." From cottages to enormous estates, there are a variety of home types to choose from.


Temple Hills - This city's hills are studded with architectural wonders and cliffhangers. 2.4-mile-high views of the Laguna coastline and Catalina Island may be had from Temple Hills' Top of the World park, which has houses tucked along the roadways that lead to it.


The Village - Being near to all the excitement in The Village, one of the more walkable districts, is a huge advantage. There are several stores, cafés, boutiques, restaurants and galleries in this neighborhood. It's a good place to start if you're seeking to live the Laguna lifestyle without spending millions."


Tree Streets - This section in North Laguna is noted for its large quantity of trees. it extends east from Ocean Front Heisler Park, fanning out until it reaches High Drive. Holly, Jasmine, Myrtle, Aster, etc. fill the streets. Beautiful grounds surround the majestic historic residences or big cottages."



Laguna Beach's public schools are well ranked (although there are differences). El Morro Primary School and Top of the World Elementary School, for example, are ranked among California's top 100 elementary schools, while Thurston Middle School is ranked among the state's top 50 middle schools.


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Benefits of Living in Laguna Beach


Personality and Architectural Options

Laguna Beach has a laid-back, informal vibe that's charmingly quirky. What else would you expect of an art community that is thriving?

Aside from that, thanks to the diverse architecture, you have a wide range of house alternatives. Modern luxury houses are available as well as quaint and sometimes historical seaside cottages.



Particularly at the neighborhood level, Laguna Beach exudes a strong feeling of community. Many community groups, such as the Laguna Canyon Foundation, attest to this.


Natural Beauty

Laguna Beach, it is believed, boasts breathtaking vistas that are unmatched anyplace else in the world, according to reports. Natural beauty abounds in this area, thanks to its beaches, hills, and greenspace.


Small-town Living

Even though Southern California is home to some of the largest and fastest-growing cities in the country, Laguna Beach has a small-town atmosphere. As a city with a population of barely 23,000 people, it is tucked away but near enough to satisfy your requirements.


Laguna Beach Property Taxes


Now it should be clear that housing is not cheap. Property taxes, on the other hand, make it far more inexpensive to own.

Orange County's average effective property tax rate is 0.69%, and the typical annual property tax payment is $4,499, which is below both the state and national averages.

A house with an assessed value of $250,000 has the following averages:


Nationwide Average – 1.070% of assessed home value, $2,675
California – 0.730% of assessed home value, $1,825
Orange County – 0.690% of assessed home value, $1,725


Here are the median house value, median yearly property tax payment, and average effective property tax rate for Laguna Beach, California:


Median home value – $1,700,400
Median annual property tax – $7,880
Average effective property tax rate – 0.46%


Not too terrible, especially when it comes to the effective property tax rate, which is lower than the rate for Orange County and the state.


A Great Place to Live


Laguna Beach is a fantastic area to live, if you consider all of the factors. Home ownership is expensive, but it's worth it for the quality of life and the cheap property taxes.

For additional information, call a coastal Orange County real estate agent.


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